SIGN UPS & CHAT : Galileo School of Magic


:smiling_imp: I like this option.


“A plain old guy from a plain old family living a plain old life. He isn’t sure why he was chosen to attend the Galileo School of Magic for the upcoming school year. He secretly wanted to become an accountant before this whole fiasco.”

As an accounting student, I am wondering if I should feel attacked.

"Enzo is also home-schooled, so he’s never made any type of friends nor has he formed any type of connection with any person. "
As a former homeschool student, I definitely feel attacked. I have loads of friends! On the Internet.


(I’ll reply to you @aosaba in a bit, I think I know who the body should be but I need to confirm a plot add with someone :3)


The headmaster so far sounds awesome.


This is in order of when made approachable, the ‘highest’ on the list has been approachable longer
Day 1, Day 1 (Part2)


Lune (Queen)
Eli (Queen)
Reia (Nectarine)
Alina (Daisy)
Olivia (maybe) (Alifah)
Erina (Once)
Ophelia (aosaba)
Crystal (LittleFeets)
Cobra (Owertym)
Harry (Owertym)
Xavier (DarkDream)
Sara (DarkDream)
Isaiah (Ella)
Nathan (Alifah)

Who is with Who

Wynne & CJ (Fallen & Aosaba)
Peter & Paris & Caitlin (LittleFeets & Nectarine & Ella)
Ophelia & Preston (Aosaba & Jdepisode)
Cora & Vanessa (jdepisode & Cricket_M)
Harper & Zuri (Elx & Fallen)
Brian & Sapphire (Lin-K & Fallen)
Spencer & Alec & Zaria (Scarlet & Art3Miss)
Jane & Princess (Lin-K & Queen)
Alder & Samuel(Riah & Elx)
Yassine & Sebastian etc (Yassine & Cricket)
Noami & Tariq (Blu & Queen)
Laurie & Arden (Scarlet & Riah)
Preston & Kallia & Klyde (jdepisode & LTea)
Asher & Chanda (Daisy & Fallen)


Locations one might want to visit to have something happen to them.

  • Library (Antiques, Books, Dark Magic Books, Spider Webs etc)
  • Art Room (Paint, Canvases)
  • Teachers Dorm (Possessed Teachers, through the snowing woods / 60% chance I’ll kill someone who said yes Death)
  • Canyon (which is snowing outside)

Other ‘safe’ locations

  • Bedrooms (Duh)
  • Kitchen (requires breaking in)


The death threat is already coming out on the first day, huh… I see you Fallen. XD


Art room sounds the safest…


@Cricket_Master Want one of my characters to approach Sebastian?


Sebastian Squire Senator’s going to go on an adventure. :nerd_face:

Sure, but only if he is willing to go on the adventure.


Awe once (hehe) the killing of characters has already started :3



Omg yass, wait, what kind of adventure?


To one of the special locations. I’m thinking canyon since he liked it so much, but maybe library.


The canyon’s fine, since all i can think about with the library is getting scared at spiders and that just hits too close to home for me.
Unlike me naming a character after myself
Can i begin?


Better than Sebastian Squire Senator

Yes, sir.


Aw, why did that first sentence sound so cute!


Because I wrote it. :nerd_face:


I only just saw this now. Woah, someone’s dying already? Okay then haha.


Do the students have to come to the meeting in the auditorium?


I wont be able to reply for a few hours but Samuel is alone and approachable, he is wandering alone so you can find him anywhere.