SIGN UPS & CHAT : Galileo School of Magic


Okay, what’d I miss?? :nerd_face:


No, they don’t (just note they would probably think they missed out on ‘important’ information).



Not much, it’s 7 o’clock and the ‘announcement’ is over - here’s a list of who is approachable and links to the announcement.


I’m back! Soz, had to disappear for a sec. So is anyone online right now who is approachable??
I have Kal and Klyde by the entrance if anyone be interested.


Been gone too actually. I beleive Preston in approachable if u wanna do that. Somewhere near the dorms or something?


I would be honored m’dear. Do you want to approach mine or mine approach yours. I did just post so it may be easier to have him approach mine, unless he’s busy doing sometin’.



Oh yeet, makes sense. Will do in a moment :+1:


That gif tho. XD

Ah, how I have missed you m’dear. :laughing: :joy:


I shall approach you Scarlet!


Okay thank you riah!!!


@riahh30 I’m so sorry that I never replied to you! I had another reply for this rp that I had gone to write a few times and had never finished so I hadn’t even gotten to replying to you yet… :woman_facepalming:t2:


it’s okay! Don’t stress yourself out. We all have lives.


I am still going through some things, so I will respond to you @riahh30 and @Art3Miss as soon as I hopefully finish. I am so sorry.


It’s totally fine, don’t be sorry.


^ that child said it best.


@FallenAngelNight13 is it possible to get something like a familiar?


I signed up two characters @FallenAngelNight13


a familiar?


You know, like some sort of animal that could guide or help us? Like how Sabrina teen witch has her cat


Please double check the approachable / who with who is up to date as I’ve been gone for a day + and lost track of a few conversations