Signups: The Episode school! (CLOSING APRIL 3RD)


Do you wanna talk about school? Good! Let’s get started!
So first off, I would like to point out that even if you do not sign up, but join in the rp randomly, you could play as a new student if you’d like, but it is prefered if you would sign up instead.
Anyways! Picture it! Pocketgems Academy, filled with thousands of creative students. All of different races and ethnics, joined here today in a virtual classroom. All of the students are in the same grade, yet have different classes and schedules.
blah, blah, blah…
If you are an older player, and would like to be a teacher instead, I will add sign ups for those as well.

  1. No disrespect of God, Religion, cultures, ect…
  2. No breaking the forth wall. (unless within parenthesis)
  3. THIS IS NOT THE RP THREAD! Only sign ups.
  4. No fighting.
  5. Please try not to break out of your personally. If you choose to have a sudden change in personality (such as bad girl gone good, ect…) Feel free to, but keep it casual.:wink:

Now, here’s the templates.

Teacher (only accepting 8)
Rp age:
Rp name:
Pronouns (if you would like to be called miss, mr, ms, mrs…):
Class you would like to teach (ex: math, science, chemistry…):

Principal (One vice, one main)
Rp age:
Rp name:
Pronouns (if you would like to be called miss, mr, ms, mrs…):

Rp age:
Rp name:

Signups close on April the third.

Current students (please try not to take these names or it could get complicated XD:
Vivi -17 @ViviOfficially
Emethyst - 16 @Sahara16
Scarlet V - 14 @ScarletV
Dina Wringler -17 @MockingJay
Gina Belmonte - 16 @Zabica
Marty Friday - 15 @MysteryMaker
Clayton “Clay” Burgess - 17 @CrazyCaliope
Maxin Padio - 17 @RudeInception
Coco Cook - 16 @JesusLover2.0
Scottie - 17 @lilysmith10
Eva - 18 @lilysmith10
Roxanne -17 @SilverStar
Cleo - 16 - @girlboss
Rosie Garcia - 17 @Briar.R
Eli Manchester (Mr. Manchester// Mr. M) - ELA//Spelling @MockingJay
Janet Heist (Miss. Heist) - IT @Zabica
Connor McDonald (Mr Mac) -Drama/ Theater @CrazyCaliope

Malia Valasco (Mrs. Valasco) @MockingJay

Vice Principal:
Geoff (Geoffery) Swanson @Zabica


I’m sorry what is this RP or SG about ? And is it a RP or a SG ?


Is this for a story or something?


Roleplay. There is no real plot. Just imagine if all of us went to the same school and were in the same grades.


Student: Vivi
Rp age: 17
Rp name: Vivi
Gender: Female
Personality: Awkward, weird, funny, loyal, crazy


I don’t know if we post that on here, so I’d just go with it cause this is my first time doing this :joy:


Reserve for Principal, teacher and student please!
This looks cool lol


Rp age: 16
Rp name: Emethyst
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, kind, can be brave, loyal


Reserve for teacher and a vice principal and student


Rp age: 14
Rp name: Scarlet V (remember the V)
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, tough, sensitive, nice


You post your sign ups and anything related to the roleplay here, but we don’t do the actual roleplaying on here. :sunny:


Teacher (only accepting 8)

Rp age: 31

Rp name: Eli Manchester

Gender: Male

Pronouns (if you would like to be called miss, mr, ms, mrs…): Mr. Manchester // Mr. M

Class you would like to teach (ex: math, science, chemistry…): ELA//Spelling

Personality: Mr. M is a laid back, but smart thinking teacher. He is the ELA // Spelling teacher. When he writes on the board, he spells words wrong on purpose so when the students write the notes, they should write them using the right spelling. At the end of the class, he checks everyone’s notebooks.


Rp age: 46

Rp name: Malia Valasco

Gender: Female

Pronouns (if you would like to be called miss, mr, ms, mrs…): Mrs. Valasco

Personality: Mrs. Valasco is strict, but good at heart. She rarely yells, but if you really get her angry, she will explode. She is a woman of color, and when she’s really happy, she will play Caribbean music.


Rp age: 17

Rp name: Dina Wringler

Gender: Female

Personality: Dina is the girl you’ll always want around. She’s strong, nice(when she wants to be) and brave. She super protective of the people she loves, and that is her downfall. She isn’t the smartest in the class, but she knows her stuff.



RP age : 35

RP name : Janet Heist

Gender : Female

Pronouns : Miss. Heist (because she is divorced ,so that means she is unmarried)

Class you would like to teach : IT

Personality : Janet is a good teacher , not to stricht and she seems to understand students . Maybe that’s because she liked computers since she first used the 95 windows . She started using it and soon she made a few games and later on in her life in 2012 she started teaching IT while making a really cool game . She had a husband for a short time , but he ended up cheating . That’s why she didn’t marry again . She doesn’t trust men as much after that marriage . Now she is in a man hunt because her mother is boring her by pushing her to marry again .
FC :

(If any teacher wants to date her , you’re free to make her let her guard down)

Vice Principal

RP age : 27

RP name : Geoff (First name : Geoffrey) Swanson

Gender : Male

Pronouns : no pronouns just Geoff

Personality : He is just a lazy guy and he always was and always will go throught life wihtouth a thing to worry about . He is cool and chill and understandds teens becuase he never did grow up and he’s still a teenager in his heart . He works as a vice president because he can understand the students and be cool while the president can sometimes be too strict . Him and the president are the perfect combination to fair judging …

FC :


RP age : 16

RP name : Gina Belmonte

Gender : Female

Personality : No matter what Gina will always be a rebel . She always get in trouble , and she’s does it so often even Geoff can’t understand why . Well the reason is her mom was a teen and she grew up with an angry teen like girl in a small apartment when she didn’t really care about her and she dated guys instead of took care of Gina . So her mother’s friend Jack took care of her when she was verry small (like 4). She had a huge crush on him . He was 15 and her mother was 19 at that time … She tried to hook up with him but he was too young for her and he was smart enough not to do that . Now Gina is doing all that just to get his attention since he was some sort of a rebel back them … Now … 12 years later he looks like this .
She still has a crush on him even tho a lot of guys want to be with her nobody is special to her like Jack .



Hi @GiGi_is_Me,
I haven’t actually participated in a roleplay before, but I’d love to give it a go. I was just wondering if I could be two characters, a teacher and student?


Rp age: 15
Rp name: Marty Friday
Personality: An active gamer girl,who’s best friends can be sometimes her gaming devices or her headphones that she’s always wearing.Bold and loves teasing people for fun.She never trust somebody, no matter how nice you be too her.Expert at hiding her feelings.:wink:


yes you can make 2 or 3 characters … i made 3 :slight_smile:


Hey, I’ve seen there aren’t enough males yet, so I decided to make two. Just for a bit of balance :slight_smile:

Rp age: 25
Rp name: Connor McDonald
Gender: Male
Pronouns: Mr Mac
Class you would like to teach: Drama/Theatre class and/or History class.
Personality: He’s a rugged country boy, who has a flair for the stage. Brought up on the outskirts of perth, Australia, he has a mild Aussie accent.
In the classroom, he’s energetic and excited to motivate students. Helping them to overcome their nerves and be more confident in themselves. Outside of the classroom, he’s relaxed, has a go-with-the-flow attitude, and loves the outdoors. If he isn’t found outdoors, then he’ll probably be rehearsing for a local play.

Rp age: 17
Rp name: Clayton “Clay” Burgess
Gender: Male
Personality: Clay is generally a patient and relaxed person. He doesn’t mind going to classes, as he’s not a bad student, but he’d much prefer kicking-back with friends and/or playing video games. He’s quite a charming guy and tends to be trusting towards everyone. Unfortunately, this has backfired on him, and has been easily used by people, causing him to distrust most people.


Random question, why are there student ages if we’re all in the same grade?


Sorry :confused: My teacher is doing ELA and Spelling


Rp age: 17
Gender: F
Personality: Funny and smart but socially rebellious. She takes pride in always following her moral compass. She has a very small group of friends but she is well-known to everyone as she is always wearing something dark and usually always has a snarky comment to say. She has a great relationship with her parents you trust her and respect her individuality, which why they allowed her to get the tattoos that she has. Both her parents are lawyers so she leaves a good life, financially.