"Silent Falls" Self-Promotion!

Hello everybody! I just released my second-ever story, called “Silent Falls” yesterday and would love if you’d give it a read! The details are down below. :blob_hearts:

Here’s the cover, in case you’re interested in seeing it:

this was made by the very lovely @witchoflust.ep on Instagram in case you were curious!

Description: When a friend goes missing in Alyson’s hometown, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Genre: Thriller/Mystery
Style: Limelight

Details: This story uses the point system (which means your choices are remembered and affect the ending of the story.) It also includes a couple mini-games and timed choices. (I thought I was pretty generous on the amount of time I gave on the choices though! ) And there are multiple endings!

I know thrillers aren’t everyone’s thing, but I think this is an important thing for me to add. There are no jumpscares or flashes in this story. The only thing that could possibly “jumpscare” you in this story is if you have your volume too loud when a sound goes off.

The story link is right here or you can click “Silent Falls” at the top of this article. If you’re interested in becoming a background character in it, click here! (It’ll take you to another article I made asking for LL character details/cards!)

Thank you for looking into my story, I hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions or would just like a friend, just DM me on here or on Instagram (I’m more active on Instagram) @cassi.writes! :blob_hearts:


are you interested in r4r?

Just wanted to say…your story is pretty good :hugs: