Silly Little Girl dropped her Ice cream......coding help please

Hi I have a little girl eating an ice cream and she spills some ice cream on her top then accidentally drops the cone onto the ground. I have a ice cream spill overlay coming but I just need help with coding the whole incident.

I have tried where I rotated the ice cream 90 degrees for the spill then rotated another 90 degrees, adding the shift to the ground but it’s not moving.

Please help!


@TalGordin you might be able to help here!

Can you show what you wrote so far in your script?

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Hi sorry I have been in hospital the last week or so.

Here is my script
INT. ICE CREAM PARLOR - DAY with ICE CREAM to 0.172 50 240 in zone 1 at layer 1 with WAFFLE CONE to .442 46 234 in zone 1 at layer 0
&CUSTOMER 3 spot 0.434 81 288 in zone 1 AND CUSTOMER 3 faces left AND CUSTOMER 3 is idle_food_hand_neutral AND CUSTOMER 3 moves to layer 2
&overlay 6088026729218048_ICE CREAM shifts to 72 237 in zone 1 in 1 AND overlay 6088026729218048_WAFFLE CONE shifts to 66 230 in zone 1 in 1
@overlay ICE CREAM moves to layer 3 AND overlay WAFFLE CONE moves to layer 3
@speechbubble is 206 387 to 100% with tail_bottom_left
CUSTOMER 3 (react_shocked_awe)
Oh a bunny rabbit!
So this is where I am hoping that she spills some of the ice cream on her shirt and then drops the ice cream onto the floor

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This is what I added today, I tried to figure it out myself.
&overlay ICE CREAM clear
&overlay ICE CREAM MESS create
@overlay 6088026729218048_ICE CREAM MESS shifts to 64 213 in zone 1
@overlay 6088026729218048_ICE CREAM MESS scales to 0.100 0.100
@overlay 6088026729218048_ICE CREAM MESS moves to layer 4
@overlay ICE CREAM MESS opacity 1
&overlay ICE CREAM DRIP 1 create
@overlay 6088026729218048_ICE CREAM DRIP 1 shifts to 58 138 in zone 1
@overlay 6088026729218048_ICE CREAM DRIP 1 scales to 0.424 0.424
@overlay 6088026729218048_ICE CREAM DRIP 1 moves to layer 4
@overlay ICE CREAM DRIP 1 opacity 1
&overlay 6088026729218048_WAFFLE CONE shifts to 67 96 in zone 1 in 1
(with the waffle cone, I imagined as it was falling it would rotate a few times and then land on its side)

Maybe try rotating it first. For example,
@overlay ICE CREAM MESS create
@overlay ICE CREAM MESS rotates 0 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0 and overlay ICE CREAM MESS shifts to… and overlay ICE CREAM MESS scales to…
When you rotate an overlay it shifts to the anchor point you have placed it, this is why you may be struggling with the shifting.
If you already code the overlay with an anchor point and move it to the position you like it should stay there when rotating.

Hope this helped and made sense, let me know if you don’t understand anything :blob_hearts:

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@Sydney_H please close this post.


Closed by OP request. :smiley: