Welcome to :revolving_hearts:

I decided to open this tiny art shop for those who want free art and commissioned art :blob_hearts:

All the credits should be in reader message or at the end of chapter (you can discuss about this from the respective artist) :anifireworks:

  1. @silver.shade
    Commissions (Not free)
    Dm me privately on instagram for prices or pm me here
    What I can do
    Anything drawn
    how to credit
    Art by @_silver.epi on instagram :blob_hearts:
Examples of Silver(drawn and edited)



If uh have insta I’d, uh will have to accept my collaboration request when I will post ur art piece, if uh don’t accept you are not allowed to use my art piece and if uh accept nd then dismiss the collaboration, you will be blocked from further requests from my art shop.

  1. @v.h_episode
    What v.h_episode can do
    Anything drawn
    Simple edits for episode original background
    Day to night background transition (small edits)
    Simple and small custom backgrounds
    What v.h_episode can’t do
    Complex custom backgrounds
    how to credit
    Art or background by @v.h_arts on instagram :blob_hearts:
drawn art examples of V.H

Background examples of V.H


  1. @jazzyj.writes
    What Jazz can do
    Anything edited
    Character card
    how to credit
    Art by @epi_jazzy_hands on instagram :blob_hearts:
Examples of Jazz


  1. @mer.stories
    What Mer can do
    Anything edited (covers, art scenes, custom poses)
    Character cards
    Trailers for stories
    Story preview
    how to credit
    Art/Any respective item by @mer.stories on instagram or forum name :blob_hearts:
Examples of Mer

Click here
  1. Thread hopping is formidable🔗 don’t request something you have already requested from another shop. Don’t waste our time and disrespect us by doing this.
  2. Don’t ask the same thing twice✌🏻
  3. Usage of art It is compulsory to use the art or backgrounds you requested in your story (send us link) because it takes hella hours to complete one request and it seems disrespectful if you don’t use it. If you use it as dp on instagram, please give credits in bio. :heart:If not we will have to report you, sorry. :heart: You can’t use our art pieces outside of Instagram or episode.
  4. No stealingDon’t claim our work as your own or steal it or trace it. That’s mean, okay.
  5. Don’t rush Do Not remind us again and again to complete your request, we have our lives outside of episode and art, so please. Respect that one thing.
  6. Request is declined?? We have the right to decline your request if we feel that we can’t make it or its too advanced for us. We might decline it after accepting as well because sometimes we think it’s easy but it’s not so if that happens, don’t be rude or disrespectful. We are humans too, it happens.
  7. Always be polite don’t be rude to us or create some drama here in the chat box.

Mention the person you are requesting from

  1. Number of characters in art
  2. Pose examples (reference)
  3. Character details (eye colour, skin colour, hair, outfit, etc)
  4. Everything else you need us to know
  5. Story link

You will have to write the blurred password in request otherwise we will reject it :memo::two_hearts:


Password is Silver❤️

The list will be mentioned in the chat box

Working List- (silver :two_hearts:)
Working List- (v.h_episode :two_hearts:)
Working List- (Jazz :two_hearts:)
Working List- (Mer :two_hearts:)

Future list- We will notify uh once, when the art shop is open.


hii! I don’t currently need any art, but I just wanted to say that your art is absolutely amazing, keep up the great work! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank you so much :heart:


Hey girl! :green_heart:
I was just looking for someone who could help me one art scene.
I can send you the pose and you can tell if you would like to do it is it okay?
I’m an artist myself but I have like 5 art to make :sweat_smile: so I don’t really have time for myself.

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Sure uh can send me here… Or pm me :heart:

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What’s better for you?

May be here :heart: if uh r okay with disclosing ur poses :heart:

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Yeah, I’m ok!


I will try to look for a bit better one if helps, but scene is like this:
The LI asked MC somthing that he didn’t want to answer. When she was leaving, he touched her and didn’t want to let her go. She’s a little upset but he’s trying to explain.




Character deeds?? Also do Uh want a side profile or a front profile?? :heart:

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I updated the previous answer. And side profile will be ok!

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Okay I will get back to you when I’m done :heart:… Plus I will PM uh so that I cn send uh screen shots of my process nd if uh want something changed it can be done side by side.

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Can I dm you my art request…its kinda involved plus im shy ha x.x(no its not NSFW)

Sure uh can Dm me on insta or pm. Me here, :blush:

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Hi I wanted to request a cover.
Here are the details.


Two characters
Character 1 : Body-Male Athletic Body, Neutral 0 Brow- Round soft, dark Brown, Hair- Curly Mohawk, Dark Brown, Eyes-Narrow Almond Deep Sunken, Grey Cool, Face- Triangle Chiseled Scruffy Beard, Nose- Hooked Grecian, Lips- Medium Heart , Neutral Medium nude gloss
Character 2 : Body-Female Generic Body, Neutral 05 , Brow- Arched Natural, Black Dark , Hair- Dreads Braided, Black Dark , Eyes-Female Generic, Hazel Face-Round Soft , Nose-Round Flared Downturned Broad, Lips-Full Round Pouty, pink peach medium gloss.



Pose: (Choose the simpler one to do from the tow )

Vibe : Romantic.

If you are unable to do it please let me know. I have been ghosted twice now :face_holding_back_tears:

If something is missing let me know.

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Lol I won’t ghost uh… I will draw it for uh… I will add uh to list :heart: but uh will have to Wait as there r two more people abv ya :blue_heart:

Hey I have a doubt if character 1 is neutral 0 how come she is midtone as shown in image👀

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Hey girl would you be willing to do a drawn cover for two characters when you’re done with other’s work? no worries if you can’t :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

Hii, I see that it says that its temporarily closed, but could I be added to the waitlist? If that’s okay with you? And if it is could I dm you on insta with what I’d like? Thank you <3

Also, no big deal if not!

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Sure I will… But it will have to wait :heart:

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Okay so I will make another list for the ones who are request for future.
So send me deeds here… I don’t think I will be able to switch ig nd forums to check who sent the details where. Lol :joy: