Silver Creek High Role-play


Ok we will

ORP: I sent you a message on tellonmy


ORP: What??


ORP: the website that is on your Instagram page


ORP:ouu okay ty


Sully Winters

“I’m liking it too, but I want some new people to talk to. It’s getting boring with having nothing to do, after school wanna go out, my treat.” I told her. “You can bring along some friends too if you want,” I added.


ORP: you can now talk to me on Instagram


ORP: cool


ORP:Yeah now if you want


RPO: Who’s approachable?


RPO: me


RPO: Where is your character? Mine is in the hallway (if we haven’t skipped to class yet…)


ORP: Mines is walking to class


RPO: What class are we in?


RPO: Math


RPO: Also who is your character?


RPO: Lea



I grabbed my books and walked to class. I sat next to a beautiful girl. Even I won’t have any friends this year anyway I tried to socialize. “Hey, I’m Camilla.” I greeted her.

@Kamorie1027 - Leah (mentioned)


I look over and see this gorgeous girl I say back
“Hello I’m lea”



“Nice to meet you,” I smile. “What do you do in your free time?”



“Nothing really”