Silver.Shadow OFFICIAL art request shop! CLOSE TO CATCH UP

Close to catch up!

Trades are open. Pm me.

Welcome to my art request shop!

I make:
Covers(drawn or edit)
•Pfp/characters edit
•Splashes(drawn or edit)
•overlays(only characters parts or overlays I can cut out from a background)
• Outlines
Art scenes (must attach reference picture)
Crossed out means currently not accepting

• No stealing or tracing over my work.
• No drama here
• Don’t request the same thing from another artist, you’re wasting both of our time. If you do your request will be cancel.
• Please actually use what I made for you. (yes, I will stalk you and check your story/insta. If you don’t use it, your request won’t be accept next time.)
• Use the form I have below. I didn’t type them all for nothing.
• If you don’t like the art I made for you or want to change something, I can redo it. Don’t be rude.
• Please be patient, I have school and life. A nice piece of art takes time, so please don’t spam me when are you done?
•If you want to request, just say it here. Don’t pm me. (or your request will not be accept)
•Password(I will constantly change it :smirk: ): I’m slow(please blur it)
• Please credit me with my insta - @silver.shadow_epy

Please note:
I have 3 styles of doung art.
•Drawn(completely drawn)


•Edited(JUST cuting out and pasting character)


•Edited with extras(cuting out pictures of characters and pasting them, but also adding lighting and shadows.) This style requires good quality pictures.


I can use these style on covers, splashes or banners. Pfp and art scenes can only be fully drawn.

Drawn covers

Edited covers

Edited with extras


Drawn splashes

Edit splashes


And all the banners in this thread.

Please use these forms
Cover form

Style?(drawn, edited, edited with extras)
Characters details(please attach high quality pictures if you can):
Story title:
Story description/theme?
Preferred background?
author name:
Cover size(big, small or both)

Pfp form

Character details
Any preferred background/background color?
Any text?

Splashes form

Style?(drawn, edited, edited with extras)
character details(up to two characters, and please attach high quality pictures if you can):
Any preferred background?

Banners form

If you want a character banner please provide character details.
Text(you can request more then one):
Preferred background
Sizes(if you leave this blank I will make them the same size as mines)

Overlays form

What overlay(arms/legs/background cut out)?
Please attach high quality pictures if you have one.
(if this is character) skin tone?

Outlines form

Pictures of character you want outline of:
Any extra details?

Art scenes form

How many zones?
Characters details:
Reference picture:
Prefered background:
Anything else to add?

@E221_MC (Art scene)

Have a nice day! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:




Hi! Cover please! :smile:
Edit or drawn? Drawn
Characters details(please attach high quality pictures if you can):
Female: Olive skin, smooth arch eyebrows, fishtail braid hairstyle, black hair color, upturned feline auburn eyes, defined heart face, pointed nose, classic cherry red lips.

Male: Light skin, thick arch eyebrows, short cropped chestnut hair, classic round blue eyes, square jaw, button nose, classic blush lips.

Story title: Protect, Betray, Leave
Story description/theme? Memory’s a fickle creature. You’re forced to recount a story of your past that led you to be who you are now. Choices you are forced to make are tough, but now, brother or love?
author name: EmTara
Cover size(big, small or both) Both, please

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Okay I’ll start doing it!

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Sorry I forgot to ask, what pose do you want them to be in? (flirt/sad/laugh)

Oh, the pose in the pictures above.
Thanks again!

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I’m still wondering why was I tagged? :sweat_smile: I don’t mind you tagging me so you’re fine

Oh wait for an outline?

You told me to tag you on pm

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Bump :upside_down_face:

Hey, your cover’s are almost done, sorry it took so long, I’m a slow artist.
Do you have any preferred background use for the cover base on your story? Cause I really don’t have inspiration right now(or I’m just tired)

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Hi! Can I get a drawn cover? I will send the information if you are not too busy:)

Sure, but i have school now so i can only do it later

Ok! I will send the information, just do it whenever you can please!

Sure! Please send the details

Hey @Silver_Shadow can I get a splash?

Yeah I remember now sorry :sweat_smile:
Could I get a splash?

I don’t need this anytime soon maybe a 3 weeks

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Please send the details!

I’ll start as soon as possible

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Skin Color: Honey
Brow: Thin Arch
Hair: Short Cropped, White
Eyes: Deep set Piercing, White
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven, Taupe

Skin Color: Olive
Brow: Seductive Arch
Hair; Diva Curls, Black
Eyes: Upturned Bold, Auburn
Face: Oval
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Full Round, Scarlet

Skin color: Honey
Brow: Thin Arch
Hair: Short Cropped, Auburn
Eyes: Deep Set Piercing, Brown
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven, Taupe

Male 3:
Skin: Honey
Brow: Medium Sharp
Hair: Black, Short Cropped
Eyes: Deepset Piercing, Green
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven, Toffee

Male 4:
Skin: Honey
Brow: Medium Sharp
Hair: Black, Short Cropped
Eyes: Deepset Piercing, Blue
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven, Toffee

Male1 and Male 2 outfits: Cool Leather Jacket, Black High Top Dance Shoes, and Ripped Punk Pants,

Male 3: Cool Leather Jacket, Red Striped Shoes, Ripped Punk Pants, and Red Tank Top

Male4: Ripped Punk Pants, Red Striped Shoes, and Black Plain Suit Shirt And Tie

Female: Black zip up bra, Maroon Jacket, Plain Sheer Leggings, Maroon Military Styled Boots

Can you have it say “Bang It Or Gang It” at the top with “By: Sky” too

Female: in the middle

Male1: right next to the female on the right side

Male2: Next to Male1

Male3: right next to the female on the left

Male4: on the left side of Male3


Male1: flirt_wink and can he have his arm around the female’s waist?

Male2: arms_crossed

Female: flirt_fingersnap

Male3: arms_crossed_angry

Male4: flirt_shy

And could I get a splash with the same characters and placing with a different background?

Can you have the background the loading screen and remove the characters and put my characters there?

Let me know if you need anymore details.
Thank you!

So it’s a splash?(one zone background)