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So itโ€™s a splash?(one zone background)


Yeah, sorry if that wasnโ€™t clear. :disappointed:


Ummmโ€ฆcan I get a office room? Something like that.


Hey! Could i request a splash? please. : )
Drawn, please.

my character!


  • gender: female.
  • skin colour: tan.
  • eyebrows: seductive arch.
  • hair/hair colour: beach waves and chestnut.
  • eyes/eye colour: upturned bold and green.
  • face shape: oval.
  • nose: elven.
  • lip shape/ colour: classic and terracotta.

Key Necklace, Black with gold zipper Zipped Crop Top, White Ballerina Tulle Skirt, Pink Boho Flower Crown ,Braided Red Bracelet and Calf Boots Black and Red.

picture & pose.

text & background!
  • text: This story contains mature themes & course language!
  • background: any sort of pastel pink, blue or purple! :revolving_hearts:

Thanks so much in advance! xx :revolving_hearts:


Here are your covers!
Feel free to ask for a redo. Sorry for taking so long.


Small cover

Big cover




Hi. Can I have a cover please?
Edit or drawn? - Edit
Character details -
Name - Ava
Body - Honey
Brows - Seductive Arch
Hair - Diva Curls
Hair Color - Pop Pink
Eyes - Upturned Bold
Eye Color - Blue
Face - Soft Heart
Nose - Soft Natural
Lips - Blossom Lips
Lip Color - Rose
Outfit -
High Waist Jeans New
Baby Blue Pastel Platform Boots
Blue Breezy Top

Pose - idle_hold_gun
Can I have her with the gun prop
Name - Emma
Body - Honey
Brows - Seductive Arch
Hair - Diva Curls
Hair Color - Blasting Blue
Eyes - Upturned Bold
Eye Color - Purple
Face - Soft Heart
Nose - Soft Natural
Lips - Blossom Lips
Lip Color - Taupe
Outfit -
High Waist Jeans New
Pink Pastel Platform Boots
Pink Breezy Top

Pose - (the end of) primp_condescend
Can I have a knife or gun prop in her hand thatโ€™s by her side?

Story Title - Sisters In Crime
Story Description - You are my sister, my ride or die, my world and if anything ever happened to you I would lose my mind - Ava and Emma. |Ink| |Mature Themed| |13+|
Theme - Drama/Action
Author Name - Lexxie AJ
Cover Size - both
If you can do this I would be sooooo grateful!!


Hi, do you do art scenes


Sorry, my art isnโ€™t that advance yet.


Ok thank you.


Hi, Iโ€™m currently writing a story about a girl that has cancer, and a boy she meets. I would like to know if youโ€™re still taking requests and if youโ€™d be willing to draw a cover art for me? If so, I should be in touch ( I understand if it might take a while, I too have to go to school ). Thank you for your cooperation! - SeaSalt


Iโ€™m taking requests.


Okay then, These are the two characters I would like in the cover art. Iโ€™d like it to be drawn if possible. I donโ€™t really care how you pose them, but Iโ€™d like them to be siting on a hospital bed ( Either make it dramatic and emotional or happy, I want to give you some freedom) The name of the story is โ€œ24 Hoursโ€ by SeaSalt.

The story is in the style Limelight

Barin (Main Character)

Skin - Neutral 1
Brow - Arched Natural, Dirty Blond
Hair - Short Pixie, Platinum white
Eyes - Deepset Downturned, Deep Blue
Face - Heart Soft
Nose Defined Natural
Lips Full Round Pouty, Pink Peach Lt Gloss

Outfit - A Navy blue sweatshirt, with cuffed jeans, and black converse looking shoes.

Dylan (Other Main Character)

Skin - Copper 02
Brow - Male generic, Chestnut Brown
Hair - Generic Short, Medium Warm Brown
Eyes - Deepset Heavy Lid, Hazel
Face - Triangle Chiseled
Nose - Grecian narrow
Lips - Medium Heart, Beige Rose

Outfit - Burgundy sweater with a tan collared shirt underneath, with jeans and brown loafers


can you help me make a this story has sound splash with him


Never mind, I should be good, but keep working on your art, it looks pretty good!


Iโ€™m sorry it took so long for me to do your splash.
Feel free to ask me to change anything!




So do you still need your coverโ€ฆ?


Thank you so much :heart: I love it


can you make a drawn cover large cover of her Screenshot%20(56) hugging him

and this guy Screenshot%20(58) is going to be staring at them at the side of a city background thanks


Can I have the details?