Silver Shadow's outline contest!






2~3 more day left!

I only have 4 entries :sweat_smile:



I am gonna enter.


I’m sorry I can’t do it as I have finished it but forgotten to send it and I am travelling to Belgium without my device sorry. Please tag me in your next one :slight_smile:


Can we change the outline a little bit? I’d like to change the girl’s hair but if that isn’t allowed it’s okay, I just won’t enter :grin::blush:


Just saying it says 2 to 3 more days left, it’s only been 2 minutes, I think ur good




Sure. You can change the ouline.


Here is my entry for the contest. I hope you like it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Hey everyone the deadline is in one day. I’ll choose the winner tomorrow at this time.


Here’s mine


Very nice and colourful!