Silver's Art Gallery 🌟


Hi! I created this topic to put all my art here. U can see all of them here and I’ll be arranging the oldest ones on the bottom and the newest ones in front. Hope u get what I mean and like my arts!

Ps. Pls do NOT use any of my arts without asking permission from me unless I made that art for u.

Character Edits

With lines

Without lines

My first edit done!


A cover that wasn’t requested


I made 3 for this the same style

3 for this too. But this didn’t get approved when I uploaded it but it’s still an example

I made 25 for these.

This shouldn’t be approved too

Art Scenes

There r some more but I’m not really sure if it counts or not so click the last one and there might be some there.


With head

Without head

With head

Without head

Background Edits

For myself/Contest/Don't know where to put

Some of the above are also for myself/contest too.

For this one, the person who requested it said didn’t mean it like this but I don’t know what she meant.

I think this goes to the colouring part but I have only one so…

This is my character details!

Just blurred the background


Just blurring the background too


U can request from here or pm me but I prefer you to request on the thread.
When I make arts for anyone, I’ll put them here so that I can remember what to do.
Also, if u use my art, pls credit me by my username or my insta darkangel_episode.

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these r so cute


Thanks! :blush:




THESE ARE BETTER THAN MINE (Everyone’s art is better than mine… :sob:)


You’ll get better at it!


Here’s two outlines I coloured yesterday and today!


They look nice!


Thanks Saash




This is an art I never got to post before


It’s so cute lol.