Silver's Art Request Thread 🌠

Hey y’all!
Guess who’s back!

So… Imma do something different.
I’m going to draw but not digitally! Like drawing irl with a paper and pencil.
Yes, I’m doing that.

I’ll accept digital arts requested too but you can also request non-digital arts.


Here are some examples of my non-digital arts

Ooops I accidentally drew her head bigger than intended :joy:

@LaurieKrisette’s pfp

For examples of digital arts, you can go here.

The info I’ll need when you request is…

  • Which type of art would you like (Non-digital/digital art)

For non-digital arts,

  • A screenshot of your character doing the pose
  • Full body, waist up, or around shoulders (like the first pic)

For digital arts,

  • What type of arts do you want? (Covers, splash… etc)
  • Screenshots of your character doing the pose you want
  • Any words you would want on it

Hope you request! :wink:

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Can I make a request? :grin:

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@Jeremy or @Sydney_H can one of u pls close this thread?

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