@SilverStar bot (I'm not really a bot tho 😂)


So y’all know @discobot aka disco right?
Guess what? Imma do some “bot-business” here too :sunglasses:
But… I’m not gonna copy everything disco does. Just two things…
Just two things? Come on, that’s still copying, copycat!
Well guess what? If you know me well, you’ll know that one of my “powers” is being a copycat.
And I’m not online 24/7 like disco or any bots or maybe the mods so I’ll only reply when I get on.
I currently know how to do the following things:

@SilverStar roll ?d?

🎲  3, 6

@SilverStar fortune

   🔮You may rely on it
🌟 My own line 🌟


@SilverStar fortune Why did you make this thread? :grin:
You like Episode

🌟 Cuz I was bored 🌟


Oh my gosh :joy::joy:


Oh my god you work!!! I thought I was just imagining things…
@SilverStar fortune Does Santa exist?

I am starting to think he does since you just worked… :joy:

You love Episode

🔮 Cannot predict now

And if course I can work! Only not when I’m not online.


@SilverStar fortune am I using this thread to get this dare done? (14)


@SilverStar fortune are you online? (15)

🔮 As I see it,  yes

🔮 Yes definitely


@SilverStar fortune will I get an A* in tomorrow’s exam? (16) lol

🌟 Study hard and you will 🌟


@SilverStar fortune should I stop posting here? (17)


@SilverStar fortune why didn’t you answer? (19)


@SilverStar fortune is this my last question because the dare is ending? (20)

🔮 Signs point to no

🌟 I am not a robot 🌟

🔮 Yes definitely


@SilverStar fortune Will this thread get closed?

🌟 I don't think so 🌟 

I don’t know