Similar sound effect to record_scratch_stop?

I think most of you know the ‘record_scratch_stop’ sound effect.
Actually I need a sound like that for my story, but this one doesn’t really fit to the scene…
So is there something similar to this? Like just that it’s making the same interrupting effect? (If you get what I mean…)

I’d be glad if someone could help me! :hugs:


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Bump! :pleading_face:

whipsnap ?


Not really what I’m looking for, but thanks anyway!

Hmm it would be better if you could describe more about your story. Like what kind of scene is that? That way it might be easier for us to recommend you some sound effects that might suit the scene. Because I’m just stating the usual sounds that authors often use. :slight_smile:

Or simply just click the sound one by one till you find something that suits…

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Sure, it’s a scene in the MC’s bedroom, it’s the first scene of the first chapter. The MC’s tells about her live and her problems, like being bullied, no good relationship to her parents, etc. And while she’s talking about that, her mother suddenly comes in.
That’s where I want to add the sound, but the one I talked about is a little to “much”. (The scene before her mother enters uses music and stopped after)

I tried, but after some time it’s been quite a lot so I stopped :sweat_smile:

Maybe glass_shatter? I think that’s all for interrupting sounds. Unless you are looking for those horror ones, which I don’t think so for your scene… :thinking:

I would usually just skip all the sounds starting from int., ext., music, shortmusic, for easier search.

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I’ll try, thank you!

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