Similarities and Differences Between Tangled Love HD (Ink Version) and the Classic Version

One of the Featured stories on Episode is Tangled Love by Noella Mei, who was previously known as Ashlynn Hartley. Tangled Love is a well known story on the app which is read and loved by many readers. The story follows Bella Hartley as she navigates love and adventure in France as an exchange student who is staying at her crush’s house.

Though Tangled Love currently exists in the Ink Version, it originally was available in the Classic format. Though the characters and major storyline in both stories remained the same there are some alterations to the storyline and plot. Keep reading this thread at your own risk. SPOILER ALERT. You have been warned.

A few differences I picked out were;

-In both versions Bella goes to Paris as an exchange student. In the Classic version she takes part in the program unknowing that she will be staying at Brandon’s house. In the Ink version however it is mentioned at the beginning of the story that it was Bella who set up the whole program to get the opportunity to stay in the same house as her crush.

-In the Classic version Brandon saved Bella from drowning, one of the major things that he did that made her fall for him. But in the new Ink version it is mentioned that Bella pretended to drown to cause Brandon to “save” her, when in reality she is a very experienced swimmer.

-The Classic version delivers no actual explanation for Brandon’s cold and distant attitude towards Bella though we are made aware that he deeply cares about her. In the Ink version however, this is explored more in depth and a backstory is given which portrays the reason for this cold attitude which he build up. I’m trying to avoid giving out spoilers as much as possible.

What are some of the similarities and differences you guys picked out between the two versions?
Which version is your favourite?
What are your opinions on the characters and on the plot?


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