Simple Free PFP edits & Splashes 🦋

Hey guys!! So a few weeks back I posted threads about proofreading and character cards making. This time I’m back with PFP and Splashes :blob_hearts: 4
Now a little headsup I’m no pro at these I just do it in simple ways. I’m now attaching few examples of them
(NOTE: These examples are done for myself and also a friend of mine @June_Sinclair :heartpulse:)
Also you guys mail me the backgrounds you would like to have for your PFP or Splash at

PFP Edits


I hope you guys like these if you want me to make them for you fill out the respective forms they will be in my IG bio :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

PFP Request Form:

SPLASH Request Form:

@storiesofanthony my IG :blue_heart:

Have a nice day and happy holidays everyone :santa_dance: :blob_hearts:


Hi, omg i think i got lucky i was looking for edits. Do I have to pay?

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It’s free hon!! :blue_heart:

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Yayy!!! I will sm you right now :))

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