Simple Hand Gestures (Animations - Request)

I have seen some requests for sign language, but I have some specific signs that I think would be easier to code and more frequently used. Specifically, ones that would be useful in military or combat situations.

The ones I’m advocating for here are: “Kill him/you”, “I’m watching you”, “Come here”, “Follow me”, “Give me a hug”, “Cut the feed”, and “No (shaking head)”. Images and more details in the summary.


The first would be the universal “kill him/you” gesture:

Hand across throat, thumb pointed inwards, pulling across, with an appropriate grimace. Could be directed to the intended target or a henchman.

“I’m watching you”

Point at eyes, point at target. Pretty versatile. Dad to his daughter’s date, crime lord to bumbling underling, principle to rebellious teen, etc.

“Come here”:


Depending on the coding, could be flirty, friendly, or stern. Your lover inviting you to the dance floor, your friends telling you to catch up, or your boss needing a word with you.

“Follow me”:

Similar to come here, but with more of a shoulder roll, and usually gesturing over the shoulder.

“Give me a hug”:

Rather than just going in for the hug immediately, have a little banter where one friend asks you to bring it in. Or pull a Mother Gothel and make it menacing in context.

“Cut the feed”:

Couldn’t find a good pic, but that gesture where you wave your hand, fingers together and flat, back and forth by your neck to discreetly turn the camera off or to stop a behavior. Could be mixed with the killing gesture, but this one tends to have a more awkward feel.


We have nods. Why don’t we have someone shaking their head?

I did try to look around to see if this topic had already been suggested, but I didn’t really see anything in the exact same vein. Let me know if y’all agree or if there are any other simple gestures of this type you’d be interested in seeing as well!

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