Simple spot directing yet I am stupid!

Ugh, so much coding does my head in, it seems so simple yet I can’t figure it out. Brianna does the idle_rear and her line while walking but I don’t want her to do that, I want her to do that when they have stopped walking! What am I doing wrong?

@BRIANNA changes into BRIANNA_Date Night
@BRIANNA changes hair into Side Swept Updo Long
@TOMMY changes into TOMMY_Date Night
@TOMMY spot 1.290 -70 13
@BRIANNA spot 1.280 -60 2
&pan to zone 2 in 5
&BRIANNA walks to spot 1.280 233 2 in zone 2 AND BRIANNA faces right
&BRIANNA moves to layer 0
&TOMMY walks to spot 1.290 123 13 in zone 2 AND TOMMY faces right
&TOMMY moves to layer 0
@pause for 1
@BRIANNA faces left AND BRIANNA is idle_rear
BRIANNA (talk_neutral_loop_rear)
Beautiful night!

Your error is here. First try specifying the time that you want it to take for Brianna and Tommy to get to walk, then make the pause last for the same time:

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Thanks mate!

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No probs, bob

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