Simple transition issue


Hey all, I’m really struggling with fading as you can probably see from the image I want characters kissing and then fade into the scene I’ve tried it this way round and it fades in then the characters just pop onto the screen and I’ve also tried it the other way and it’s shown the characters kissing and then it fades in. I want them to be kissing as it fades in if that makes sense not popping onto the screen or it fading in after the animation has begun! What am I doing wrong?! :sob:image|690x122


I cannot see the image that you provided, but have you tried using & instead of @?
Like here:
&CHARACTER stands screen center
@transition fade in black in 3


I’ve tried putting the transition before the animation and they just pop on the screen and I’ve tried putting it after the animation and then the fade happens mid animation haha.
I haven’t used & where would that go? X


@transition fade out black in 3
&CHARACTER stands screen center/ &CHARACTER is animation
@transition fade in black in 3

Between the background and the trasition command :ok_hand:


Thank you I will give it a go :grin: