Sims 2 Challenge: The Asexual Plant mom

The Asexual Plant mom
You were a spore grown by your mother, unlike your sister, a pure plantsim birthed by your mother and the child of your step-father. Years later, you began to notice that you weren’t…sexually attracted to others. You fell in love many times before but never have you EVER felt like you wanted to have sex with any of your lovers! You have had romantic attraction, however. You want kids, but to be frank, you never want sex.
Part 1:
Growing up.
Make two sims and make them get married.
Turn them both into plantsims but have the mother make a spore, then have the mother have sex with the father to make a plantsim baby, do this AFTER the parents are both plantsims.
General Challenge Rules for this part:
• No money cheats except to buy plant plots but nothing else.
• Mods like MC Command Center is allowed (and encouraged) but not necessary.
• Only mom must have a job, it has to be low-paying. The least paying job on the list.
• CC is allowed, but don’t put any on the plant sims. Only game generated CC on plantsims (Like the game gave them hair without your permission or knowlege) is allowed.
• If you don’t complete one of the goals for the generation, you lose the challenge.
o Honestly this is the only way to fail the challenge, other than not producing an heir.
Your first heir must be female, a plantsim and asexual.
Only have the children AFTER the parants (Both) become plantsims.
Multible birth is allowed, but the heir must be female.

Place of residence
Live in a one-bedroom, two bathroom house, only.

You must make the married sims buy food and clothing and decorations until they are under or has $3,000, keep some money for plant plot.
The father can only work at home selling objects on the lot. The objects must be decorations.

Raising the Children:
Make sure that before they grow up they:
Reach all milstones (Walking, talking, singing, potty, etc.)
Get A+ in childhood and teen years.
Go to College.
• Have the parents gain 3 full mastered skills.
• Have mom reach the highest level in her career.
• If he has a business at home, get at least 9 satisfied customers and 9 employees.
• get $10000
• Get a new house. Take everything from the old home that you can with you by putting them in your sims inventories.

Part 2:
Crappy College!
You have gone to college!
But, wait…
It’s just like your teens, you still don’t want sex! Whatever.
You’ll make it without sex.

No sex throughout college.
Get A+ and ace those exams!
Have at least 1 roommate!
No children ln college.
If they hit you, fight them and win. If you try 7 times and lose all seven, abandon that college and go to another one. Take nothing with you.
You can live on a lot. Any boy that passes the lot you have to fall in love with them and in their hearts, no sex. You not flirt with that any boy that passes your lot if you are in a relationship.
You can use a mod to add them as a boyfriend offically if you wish.
You can get engaged as a substitute for having boyfriends. You know, “Promise Rings,” Not engagment rings. XD
Dating a male roommate is optional. No sex.
You cannot have a roommate in a regular home.
Have 13 ex’s.
If you don’t have that many ex’s, you lose this part of the challenge, you can’t get married and can only have spores.
Have All A+
If you don’t, you lose this part of the challenge, you can’t get married and can only have two spores.
Get a Major (Optional)
IF your a cheater (optional):
Cheat on each boyfriend 20 times. No sex.
If you are dating your roommate (Only date the males, optional):
Cheat on him with every boy on campus.
If you don’t cheat, you must break up with him sooner or later. If you don’t, you can only have 1 child.
Place of residence:
You can live in only up to two colleges then you either have to drop out or get a house.

You can have up to $20000.
Part 3:
You have gone through 13 ex’s, oh the hassle!
You now want to settle down by having a husband and ten kids.
General Challenge Rules:
• No money cheats
• Mods like MC Command Center is allowed (and encouraged) but not necessary.
• No mods that give you a clear advantage over people who don’t use it
• CC is allowed
• If you don’t complete one of the goals for the generation, you lose the challenge.
o Honestly this is the only way to fail the challenge, other than not producing an heir.
Your second heir must be male, a plantsim and asexual.
If you have two kids or more taken away, you lose the challenge.
You can only control YOU for this part of the challenge, not the kids unless making them do homeworks or eat. Leave free will on. Never the father of the kids.
You can’t have sex with your husband. So, only spores or adoption.
Must have at least 3 spores.
No jobs for any of you until the kids are all teens or past teens, you can only make money through a skill.

• Have at least two friends of a different race/gender than your sim
• Reach level nine or more of a skill.
• Must go through at least 3 boyfriends before settling down.
• Have ten kids after marraige.
• None get taken away, if one does, adopt it back, you can do that.
Raising the Children:
Make sure that before they grow up they:
Reach all milstones (Walking, talking, singing, potty, etc.)
Get A+ in childhood and teen years.
Go to College.

	What about Business?

None, if you do have a business you can only have one employee and your husband must own it. You (Your sim) must have no part in it.
Your sim can however help by throwing parties and inviting sims over or greeting people from the neighborhood.

Second Gen!
The 7 spore challenge.
You have grown up in a household where your parents had no sexual interaction, which may have resulted in arguments between your parents without your knowlege.
Either way, they seemed happy together.
Everyone in high school is strug up about sex that you can’t really understand it all, you have been hassled by teammates and friends over your lack of sexual attraction and still have to deal with bias because your a boy who doesn’t have sexual attraction. You want kids but no one will marry you because they all want your body and not you for you. You choose to create spores.

I HAVE made a sim with 7 spores and it was kinda hard and all got taken away.


Your heir must move out and move into any house, just not their parents.
You must have one spore a day until you reach 7 spores.
You must have no wife because you are unlucky in love. All must leave you after 12 days or less without sex because they don’t truely love you for you.
You must have no job outside the home.
If your sims are taken away, you must either adopt them back or create seven more, you may put the rest in orphanges or other households if you wish.
You can only have up to seven kids if you decide that adoption takes too long nd have stopped adopting after adopting at least one of the original children.
You must only have a business or paint for money.
You rnext heir must be a plantsim and asexual, gender doesn’t matter anymore!

This uses points. Grab a calculator.
Raise all children successfully without having them taken away. (+100 points)
Get your job up to a good level (+299 points)
Get all children taken away (-400)
Get a bad business review (-100)
Lose a skill point. (-50)
A child dies. (-900)

If you get less than 1000 points, you lost the challenge.
Third Gen!
Family first~!
You must have a gene or something, your father was asexual and now you are, too!
Luckily, you have a better love life than your dad did!
But…(s)he wants sex.
No worries, though!
You’ll give him all he needs! :smiley:

This might be the easiest Gen.
Give your husband/wife sex once everyday.
Only (s)he (The husband or wife) can ask for sex.
You must create at least four spores.
Only he can have no job, you must work in business.
Teach them all the skills they need, and even the toy skills!
All you money must go to bills, toys for learning, sexy clothes, and food or pizza.
You must adopt at least two babies and have them do well in homework, skills, and milestones.
If you have your own baby, the same rules apply.
Your heir must be a asexual Plantsim.
No children get taken away! (Must do or you lose)
You and your husband get $30000
You die with a good asperation! (+200 points for your heir and a bonus)
Your business is doing great and you have 20 satisfied customers! (Must do or you lose)

Fourth Gen!
How poor am I?

You are a poor slob with not a dollar to your name, so you get money by offering “Services” to your customers.
First things first:
Move out of your parents house, use the money cheat to get rid of all the money you have after creating and moving into the worst house ever!

you must create ONE plantsim spore!
Find guys to woohoo with for money, use cheats like: CTRL + SHIFT + C to open the cheat bar and then type in “Kaching” and then click enter to give your sim $5000 after everytime you woohoo.
You can have relationships, but you cannot NOT woohoo for money! Your sim is asexual to the point (It’s a spectrum) where they don’t even want sex but know that it’s a way to make quick money.
All money must go for food, and to your spore.
You must teach your spore the basics.
You can have children by sex but not adoption as you don’t want to put other children, especially HUMAN children, through poverty. (Plantsims are easier to care for and you were lonely.)
Your sim cannot have a job or a business, the only one in your household that can have a job is your plantsim child or a biological child that is a teenager.
You must have only the nesessities, like a bed, a fridge, and a candle.
If you have sex wiith 5 men in a day, have sim and that 5th man argue. You can’t get any money from him, and you must use the money cheat to take away $500.
If you are rejected for woohoo, have the men steal from you. Take out $600 using the money cheat.
If a robber tries to steal from you, don’t call the police! They might find out in an investigation that you are prostituting for money.
You must rebuy the object again with the little money you have.
If you fight him and win, steal from him $700 (use the money cheat), if you lose, remove $1000 from your sim. The robber stole it from you while fighting.
if he steal from you and you haven’t put up a fight, remove $3000 from your sim by money cheat.
You get 400 points with each skill level you make, get your painting, etc. Skill level to 10 before getting a job. You cannot sell paint until you reach 800 points.
If your heir’s parent died with a good asperation, let them get a job early at 600 point and give then $6000 with a biological child, if you have 6, when your plantsim’s spore (the heir), is an adult, move them out and make the baby!
This sim will live with your heir and help them out in the future~!
You don’t have to have this child by sex, you can use mods to get the mother pregnant as well! :smiley:

Fifth Gen!
why me?
Version 1

Your mother was a self-made prostitute, she took money for sex.
When you turned into an adult, you had to get a job while your mother slept with men for money. You hated your life because everyone was either talking about your mom or stealing from you!
Now, everyone thinks your a slut! and nobody wants to have sex with you except this one aromantic dude/chick…
You are the only spore in your lineage that isn’t asexual.
You marry this dude/chick because you think (s)he’s the only one who will marry you, the relationship is purely looks, you look like a good wife while he gets sex.
Neither of you two love each other.

Use a mod to make them married but not in love, give her or him three spores, only one can be an heir.
Have her or his husband/wife woohoo with her or him three times a day.
(S)he must teach the children their skills, her or his husband or wife can go to a high-paying job.
They can’t love each other fully, only enough to woohoo. Use mods to get them to the woohoo point, then drop their relationship down to zero after.
(S)he have no contact with other (fe)males.
If your sim is a male, he can’t talk to other women because of the public’s perception o fthe relationship, if it is a female, same but vice versa.
You can only control you,
not your lover or kids.
You must a have a two bedroom apartment, choose the one with the highest rent.
You build all the children’s skill levels up, this is the only time you can control the kids.

Raise at least two spores to adulthood
Get a promotion
If you or a spore dies before elderhood, you lose.
You also lose if a sim in your household gets a demotion by non-chance card means.
Version 2
if your sim had the bonus baby, instead of getting married, live with the bonus baby and have 6 spores.

“My life with six spores”
So, you moved in with your little baby sibiling, great! But, you want kids. Turns out, your the only one in your family that’s aromantic, yaayyyy! Sarcasm. You can’t seem to wrap your mind around not having a lover, but your sibiling helps you by stating that having a lover isn’t everything, is doesn’t help much but it gives you self-esteem.
Your sibiling must cook, clean, and have a job.
The heir can’t.
The heir must take care of six toddler spores with your sibiling without having them taken away.
If an object is broken, you must either replace it or live without it.
Your sim (the sibiling) must have a low paying job.
Use the money cheat to give your sim $7000 in total, that’s all the sims took with them.
If you have any of the six spores taken fron you, you lose.
If all apliances break, you lose.
If a child grows up without reaching their milestone, you lose.
You must have the sibling get all skill levels to 10.
Your sibling gets to the top of her career. If this doesn’ t happen before the sibling dies, you lose.
You sibling is a master at everything! If this doesn’t happen, you lose.
You raise the children to adulthood.

Last Gen!
“My life”
If version 1:
You hated your life at home, you could feel the relationship that parents had wasn’t happy.
So, you decided to never get married!

Have 7 spores (+700 points)
Only get money from painting and writing.
Have all your children gain level 10 in all skills. (+10000 points)

Raise all spores without them getting taken away, this is the last Gen for this challenge, if this happens, you lose the whole challenge.
Be rich. (+400 point) Failing this reduces your points by -100, your sim has 1000 by default.
Get a better house for you and your spores.

If Version 2:
Your life was great at home, dispite the fact that you didn’t have much, you were always happy!
But…you decided that you wanted a better life than your parents had.
So, you became a gold digger…a black widdow.

Marry men and then have one spore, after that spore, have another baby and then kill your first husband.

Kill off all your husbands and have at least one baby by them until you can’t have anymore.
Make sure the husband is VERY rich each time.
No one can get a job, and only you can care for the kids.
Only the husband that came with a job can work, you can’t make him quit. If you do so, he must never work again, you must also kill him.

Make sure the kids are famous by putting them in teenage careers or adult ones that leads to fame.
Get all their skill levels to top notch, as well as grades + milestones + jobs.
Fail any of these and you lose.

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