Sims 4 cc shopping!

Hi, i’m bored and right now I will do some cc shopping for you! Just send me what you need or want and I will go cc shopping for it for u.


Ooh! CC shopping is the best part about Sims 4, I prefer customizing my sims over playing the actual gameplay.


how about some skin and face details?

Ok! For Toddlers, Kids, Or Teens/Adults?

I could use some for all ages but mainly adults

I love you!
So i would like to get MANY alpha things. Children,teens,those little persons :joy:
and Female clothing,hair (All things what you can find,face features ,too!)

Some really good modes that will change my gameplay forever

Love ya!

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I missed my chance to the sims 4 so now i’ve just been collecting cc!

I’m about to dm you my toddlers cc list on pinterest (it always gets updated)


Ok! About to start collecting!

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Okay :blush:

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