Sims 4 characters for art scenes

Would it deter you from reading the story if the author created custom art scenes using the sims 4 characters? I was thinking about doing this because then i can create exactly how i want my characters to look. I have lots of custom content and mods for the sims 4, and would use all custom content to make the characters as realistic as possible. I also have custom poses i can make my sims do.
I have an art scene being created right now but in the future if people say this doesn’t bother them i may do it.
i feel like it would look tacky or weird

You can’t use sims characters for episode cause they were made by the Sims.

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Solved and closed. Thanks @Danielle318!

@Nat99y, if you have any questions about copyright issues, you can PM our resident story reviewer, @Tyler, for more info! :smiley: