⫸ Simultaneous Off-Screen Customization Guide! (Family members/look-alikes/younger MC's) ⫷

Works for Full CC/Limited CC/LL/Ink/Classic


  • Do you want a character or your MC to look like their family members, without having a billion customization templates in your episode?

  • As an example, if there’s a flashback scene: Would you like your MC looking exactly like a younger version of themselves without having to ask them to customize themselves in the present, or future?

  • Would you like it if any female character of yours looks like any other female character?

  • Would you like it if any male character of yours looks like any other male character?

  • Would you love it if your MC’s family members (or any characters) are off-screen and are being customized at the same time as the MC is?

Well if you’ve been wondering this or simply don’t want to annoy your readers with multiple CC templates for characters, then I have a solution for you! It has come to my attention that not many authors and authors-in-the-making, aren’t aware of this method, so here I will share how to do so!

Before being able to do this method you must:

  • Already have ALL of your characters set to their default avatars. (Appearance + Outfit and Name)
  • Have a list of every feature.
  • Have a list of which characters have specific features.

What do you mean by list?

Well this method can be very confusing if you don’t organize it and it will not work if you do it incorrectly. Plus, it’s very, very time consuming, depending on the amount of characters you want to look like who and who. Follow these steps in order to successfully have any characters look like any other specific character:

You can use your Notes app, take a screen shot, then transfer it to this website to be able to draw on it.

Step 1: The List

Firstly, you must make a list specifically only for all the features and their colors on a character’s avatar. This list can be used for both female and male avatars. It could look something like this:

(This is a screenshotted image that was imported to the website provided above).

Step 2: Crossing

Secondly, what you have to do is cross off what you don’t want your specific character to have in resemblance to your other character(s). Here I will be using a default character of mine, Aislinn, as an example of her younger sister, Amy, looking like my default character. It should look like this:

IMPORTANT: Whatever you cross off, will NOT but customized and will stay to whatever you originally customized that character as.

Step 3: Comparing

Thirdly, using the same Notes and site, what your going to do it make another list of what I will call, a split list, of half of your character(s) on one side, and their features + color beside it. This part is very important because this is specifically the order and feature you will be abiding by when putting it into your customization template (script). Here is how is should ending up looking like:

(If you’re adding more characters, put them off on the characters side and color code each one).

Since I’m only doing 1 character, I don’t need to color code anything.

Step 4: Template & Script

Fourthly, you will be using a customization template from anyone who has provided one for you, with permission, and you will paste their template into your script. For this, I will be using Dara Amarie’s Full Character Customization Template as an example. Once you’ve pasted a CC template into your script, and have changed all what needs to be changed in order for you continue on in your script, you need to add the exact same coding after each line, but each character goes on the following line afterwards. It should look like this:

(I want Aislinn and Amy to both have the exact same skin tone when Aislinn is being customized, I will be adding @/AMY changes ___ into ___ under every skin tone category.)

(If your template it limited, and only want to use Copper shades (as an example) to reflect on the other character, then only assign the @/CHARACTER changes ___ into ___ under the Copper Skin tones only).

Step 5: Full Script

Lastly, what your going to do is follow your list and check off every feature on it once you’ve typed in all the correct coding to match your default character. It could some up, to look like this:

All face shapes.

All hair colors.

This is how your Color Coded List could look like if your including 1+ characters simultaneously being customized with the default character. (Limited CC included)

The method applies for male characters as well BUT they will need their own separate template specifically for males, following the same steps!

Female avatars cannot turn into male avatars, and vise versa. If you do, this will make your female/male characters irreversible and you will need to create them all over again!

And you’re done!

Using this method means the default character that a reader is customizing, will simultaneously customize the character(s) you coded them under, off-screen.

– I’m aware that using Dara’s template already includes a similar template for twins, mirror dressing games etcetera, but I noticed many didn’t actually know how to, or never noticed it. So, here I am going more into depth about little short-cuts like these! All credits go to @/Dara.Amarie for the template use and @/mdrawzz for sharing this format! <3

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