Since the forums are closing…[SELF-PROMO]

It’s dreading me to even make this post. :melting_face:

Since the forums are closing I’m gonna take this opportunity to self-promo my new published story: Lethally Yours!


Alayna is sent to a mysterious Elemental Academy to uncover her past. Amid enchanted classes, she stumbles into forbidden love and dangerous secrets that change everything.

It’s taken me about 8 months to completely code just these 3 chapters (including coming up with story ideas, characters, plots, etc.) so depending on how it does I’m going to decide whether it’s worth continuing! If anyone decides to check it out it’s much appreciated! (: :blob_hearts:



Omg I feel you on the coding, it takes so much time! I’ll take a look at your story :revolving_hearts:

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It really does! :sob: Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! :blob_hearts:

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You’re welcome, I’ll send some screeshots if you want:)

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That’d be great, thanks!! (:

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Hey! So here are some screenshots including one featuring a bug as well😌


Overall I really like the plot! If you continue your story I would def read🍒