Sinful Seven || Official RP



“Nice”. I kept my eyes up, not looking at whatever he is making and pulled it off, Passing it back to him before sitting back on his bed. I plump up one of his pillows before lying back on it.


Damien Roswell

“For a sweet lady like you? Anything.” Damien flirted, enjoying the moment while it lasted with Lillian. “So, what would fit your query of…comfort?” He rubbed Lillian’s back. “Lead the way, my mistress. We have to get you ready for movie night, after all.” Damien began thinking about the popcorn again, “And the popcorn. We need to get the popcorn ready.” He thought out loud. “But most importantly, you.” He teased, wanting to cuddle with Lillian on the spot.

// Sorry for it being so short. I had to leave when I was making it.


Xavier :

I took the dress and finished up the stitches.

ORP: I can’t send the dress now I have to do it when I get home.

Lillian :

I laughed, still slightly uncomfortable with the idea of him flirting. I moved back to my room which was significantly smaller than his. I went to my closet, grabbing a tank top and spandex.

I looked back to Damien before shrugging and taking my dress off. I unlatched my bra and turned my back before sliding it off and putting on the tank top. I pulled the shorts on and turned back to him.

“You said adventure, right?” I asked, smiling up at him.



“Oh god I looks well good!” I push myself and stand just behind where he is sitting and peer over his shoulder. I laugh as I push up my glasses and flick my hair to the side. “ I can’t pull it of though”


Damien Roswell

Through out the whole time, Damien stared at Lillian in her room like he was watching some type of adult show. He gotten annoyed when he was teased as she turned away from him, but he gotten over it in no time when he heard Lillian speak to him, “You just gave me an adventure.” He spoke out, turning back to the topic quickly when he realized what Lillian meant. “I mean, yeah, adventure. That sounds good to do.”

Damien moved to stretch his body, “Alrighty, what movies do we got to watch?” He asked her, actually enjoying the idea of knowing that Lillian wasn’t currently wearing a bra being the pervert he was. “Hey, mind giving me a hug?” He excused himself, pulling his arms out for Lillian, wanting to get away with getting a chest squeeze from Lillian. “I’d like a hug right about now.”



Maybelle giggled at his surprised face. “I know right, isn’t it wonderful?” She said as she spun around and laid in her bed. “Come on dont Ben scared, it’s okay to lay down.” She said patting the spot beside her. “And as you can tell by the room, and my behavior earlier… I’m lust.” She told him as she winked.



Lillian :

“A hug?” I asked. “Is it because if the conversation earlier about…” I didn’t want to say something wrong again and have him walk off.

“Forget it. Sure.” I said, laughing as I moved in to hug him. As soon as my breasts hit his chest I remembered I wasn’t wearing a bra. I pulled back slowly and laughed.

“So movie…” I said, trying to avert my attention to the screen.

This felt so awkward and so wrong. Why was I practically letting this kid fawn over me? I was going to get in so much trouble…



Damien Roswell

“Right, the movie.” Damien spoke awkwardly, turning as well to the screen, “Ah, I see you have quite a bit!” He moved through sets of dvds and looked for something good for them to watch, “This one looks good.” He pointed out a movie he pulled out, moving to set it into the player. “…So, how did you and my foster father meet?” Damien asked her, moving to a popcorn maker off to the side to make their popcorn for the movie. “You said you were abandoned? Why would anyone abandon a pretty thing like yourself?” He frowned, starting up the popcorn machine. He turned to sit down and wait for the time being.


Lillian :

I laughed at his questions and tried to quickly think of an answer that wouldn’t get me in trouble.

“I’ve known the Master for a long time. We used to work together.” I said, smiling. “He was kind of my boss then too. As for abandoned…” I said, sighing. “My father kicked me out when he learned I was friends with your foster father. He wasn’t too fond of him, and he thought there might have been a different relationship than the one we had.” I said, trying to explain it to the best of my abilities.


Xavier :

“What do you really think?” I asked, holding it up. “I can cut the bottom and make it into more of a cocktail style dress if that would make you more comfortable?” I offered.



Damien Roswell

Damien thought about it before realizing what Lillian meant, “Oh! Uh, that’s bad.” He spoke, hearing the popcorn stop, setting it into a bag for them quickly. “So, you don’t have a relationship with him?” Damien questioned slowly. “Okay, okay. But…do you like him in that way?” Damien turned nervous, staring at the popcorn for a long moment before coming over with the bag. “I mean, it’s not a big deal if you do, I mean- He’s more than likely your age and have more experience and stuff and-” Damien stopped himself from running on.

“I mean, he must be a great guy, right? He took care of you when you were down and he’s been there for you the whole time, what’s not to love about him?” Damien looked away from Lillian, eating the popcorn as the movie started. “Who wouldn’t want a guy like that?”


Lillian :

“Me.” I said, smiling softly over at him. “Perhaps he’s just not my type. Although he has tried to win me over. For many, many years he’s tried.” I said, laughing.

“But I just don’t know if our views on humanity line up.” I shrugged, putting my hand on his leg.

“Oh, crap!” I said, moving to the intercom. “Curfew is at 11, children. Please be in your respective rooms by that time.” I moved back to the couch and looked down at him. “We might have to cut movie night short. I’ll be crucified if I let you stay out and none of the others.” I said, chuckling. “Can’t pick favorites.”



Damien Roswell

Damien frowned at the conversation cut short after feeling Lillian’s hand on his leg. Seems he had competition, and not the kind he wanted to go neck to neck with. “Yeah, it was fun hanging out with you, Lillian.” Damien stopped the movie, setting things off and turned to Lillian, giving her a weak smile. Views on humanity? “You guys are weird, views on humanity? I can’t imagine bringing up such a topic.” Damien joked lightly. “I’ll be in my room then. Maybe I will finally meet my foster father at some point this week?” Damien hoped to, at least. “Good night, Lillian.”

Damien stood up from his seat and turned to go to his room for the night with the bag of popcorn itself, deciding it was a perfect idea to eat the whole bag of popcorn before bedtime. It was Damien and his stomach thinking up that plan. He munched away at the popcorn as he headed to his room, moving along into it and getting ready for bed so he’ll wake up for the morning. Damien planned on waking up early just so he could see Lillian more and help her around the house before the others wake up.


Lillian :

I watched him leave and let out a sigh.

“This is your fault.” I muttered. “If you’re listening, screw you.” I said, chuckling as I moved to the kitchen to finish cleaning up after everyone.

ORP: time skip once everyone is in their rooms


Lucky was hesitant about this whole sins thing. What do she mean obviously? he wondered shaking his head as the thought of how crazy she is. He slowly walk to her bed but couldn’t help wondering all the things that could happend. He wanted it, but than again he wanted a lot of things.

He finally made it to her bed sitting a little to close to her. He watch as he’s body tried to touch her but he was able to stop it. “What you want to know?” He asked her staring into her eyes. “I got a lot of secrets.” He whispered into her ear, it was like his body was taking control.


I stared at for a while remembering. “you know this dress” I stopped and listened when I heard Lillian shout out “What 11? You have got to be kidding me, I will tell you tomorrow babes just remind me” I smiled at him, before running into my room and jumping into bed, turning of all the lights but keeping the door slightly open… I don’t want to miss any juicy gossip, right?


ORP: it creeps me out, but I love how you’re playing gluttony. Food is a factor, but overall it’s about obsessing over normal wants until they become uncontrollable needs. And that’s definitley in the forefront in this relationship with Lillian.


ORP: I was thinking the same thing!! that’s why I haven’t had her say anything to him! it’s kind of a part of it!!



I heard a voice coming from somewhere above me. It jolted me upright.
But it was only the MAID informing us that we had to be in our rooms at 11PM.
I looked around me. Done it.
I want some water though… But apparently this is a rule.
Who cares.
I get up slowly and make my way to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of water and drink unhurriedly.



ORP: it’s not 11 yet so he has time but Lillian is there so

Lillian :

“William?” I said, laughing a little as I watched him walk into the kitchen. “You’re supposed to be in bed soon. How did you like the pillows?” I asked, smiling.

Xavier :

I sighed, slowly taking off my suit and leaving on my tank top and boxers before climbing into bed. I was tired anyway.


ORP: Forgot she was still in clothes… whoops