Sinful Seven {Sign-Ups}


Hi guys! My name is Kait. Some of you might remember me. I haven’t been on the forums in a quite a long time, but I saw the update and I got excited to try out a new RP on here. The catch is, the roleplay community on here has become huge! (Which is great the community is expanding, but it’s very overwhelming for a writer who likes working in controlled groups). Because of this, I’ve decided to do an RP with a number limit. Seven. Clearly. So! Without further ado let me explain the plot.

You’ve just been dropped off at your new foster house. You assumed it was just another reclusive, abusive household on your ever-expanding list of places you’ve stayed. When you arrive, however, you see that there are six other children all gathered in the foyer. There is a woman there waiting for you. You can tell she isn’t your new guardian because of the maid’s outfit she was wearing. Whoever this person is must have money. Your caseworker talks to the woman and leaves without saying anything to you.

“Come with me, children. I’ll show you all to your new rooms.” The woman says in a light British accent. She takes you to look at the rooms, each more lavish than the last. They looked fit for royalty. In each room, you notice a name above the nightstands on a small golden plaque. The same name: Desvillies. You pay no mind to it and pick out a room. The woman tells you to be ready for dinner at seven and leaves. There was something off about this house, and you could sense it as soon as you walked in the front door. It wasn’t just the golden decor and maid service that threw you off. It was the atmosphere. Everything seemed to tense up. You knew there was more here than you could see. The question is: will you stick around long enough to find out?

Welcome to your new home. The aim of the game is fairly simple. You are one of seven deadly sins. Think of it as an origin story. You are being tested by the person who brought you to the house to determine if you are worthy enough to represent the trait they have chosen you for. Each child represents a trait your keeper desires or admires. You will have a string of tests throughout the week. At the end of the week, the nanny, Lillian, (who will be played by me) will determine whether or not you are fit to remain at the house. If you are found unfit, you will be asked to leave. Another child with that “trait” will be brought in to replace you. Basically, I am accepting all sign-ups, but will limit to seven active players at a time. The players will be chosen at random using a generator. If you are removed from the house, you are free to make a new character and enter again. Since the characters may come and go ( it is not a definite that you will be kicked off if you do well throughout the week ) I will not ask for long and detailed FC’s. The format will be as follows:

Reply to this topic with your character



-Represented Sin

-Any backstory or personality you feel necessary to include (you can choose to divulge this information as the story continues instead. this is optional)

-Image link to FC

There are a few rules I need to lay down since the plot makes things a little competitive.

  1. Just because you want to stay in the house does NOT mean you can break character or go God-Mode to do it. Stay true to your character and you will be fine.
  2. The house is large. I am fine with characters exploring and creating new aspects to the house, but keep it realistic and remember that Lillian will be watching you.
  3. No children under 15
  4. You can NOT sign up for multiple characters at the same time in order to increase your chances of being chosen. One character per person unless you are removed from the house.
  5. Sex scenes and cussing is fine, but keep in mind if you break character too much that you are at risk to be removed from the house.
  6. I can’t think of any more rules so

I will use Lillian to determine days. The children will have tasks, school time, and a curfew. Everyone must be in their own beds by curfew. Lillian will prepare meals and schedules. You may go to her if your character has any questions. I think that’s all!

Comment your FC below if you would like to sign up!! Thanks for reading this far if you did. It’s good to be back.

(I will start the official thread once all 7 sins are accounted for)

Sinful Seven || Official RP

Name: William Turner
Age: 17
Represented Sin: Sloth
Backstory: William is was abandoned at 4 years old. He learned to take care of himself and lived i the city streets for 5 years. The government finally caught wind of him and placed him in the system. (That’s all I want to give for now.)


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I’m definitely going to sign up for this :3 (just let me brainstorm a little since I literally just woke up and my brain is mushy)



I‘m also going to sign up!


Name: Maybelle Pavelsky

Age: 17

Represented Sin: Lust

Backstory: TBD



I’m making a character whoops.

Name: Xavier Lockheart
Age: 17
Sin: Pride
Everything else is TBD


These are foster kids so you have to pick an age below 18.


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Name: Lucky Bank
Age: 16 and a half
Sin: greed
Story: TBD


Name: Jessie Rivers
Age: 16
Represented Sin: Wrath


Gluttony is the last one we need to start I think if you wanna do that? If not you can enter against someone else. I’m drawing sign-ups for each sin.


(Whew, came just in time to get the one last role.)

Damien Roswell


Represented Sin



We still need the sin of envy


Name- Ruby-Mae Allison
Represented sin- Envy
Face claim-image


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