Sing the song game

basically one person sings one line of a song and then the next person sings the next one of the same song. Once the song finishes we can start a new one. I’ll start

Where Have You Been- Rihanna
I’ve been everywhere man looking for someone


Someone who can please me, love me all night long

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I’ve been everywhere man looking for you babe
looking for you babe searching for you babe

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Searching for you, babe

Where have you been?

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cause i never see you out

Are you hiding from me,yeah?

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somewhere in the CROWWWWWDDDDDDD

Where have you been all my life, all my life, life, life , life

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i’ve been everywhere man looking for someone

Someone who can please me,love me all night long

Love me all night long
I’ve been everywhere, man
Looking for you, babe
Looking for you, babe
Searching for you, baby

(It’s repeating :sweat_smile:)

the next part is just repeating so i am going to skip some of the reapeted part
you can have me all you want anyway,anyday

just show me where you are toniiiiight

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, (4)

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lets start a new one

Which next?
  • Sign of the Times
  • Pillow Talk

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climb on board
we’ll go slow and high tempo

Light and dark
Hold me hard and mellow

I’m seeing the pain seeing the pleasure

No body but u, ‘body but me

'body but us, bodies together