Singin problem in writing portal

Hey guys!

Does anyone else have issues singing in the writing portal via Facebook? I tried via multiple devices (PC and mobile) and I get the same error everytime. :frowning:


Omg, thank god! I thought I was the only one! This means it’s an Episode glitch and that it’s not a problem on our end.

Do you by chance use Facebook to login to the writers portal?!

I tried via my phone and laptop. It’s the same issue each time. [I never even logout via my phone… but when I woke up this morning I found that it had automatically logged me out.]

When I’m logged into facebook and then try to login to the portal, the error message that I get says: “App not set up. This app is still in development mode, and you don’t have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.”

But when I logout of facebook and try again, the error message that I get says: “Error Accessing App. We’re sorry, but the application you’re trying to use doesn’t exist or has been disabled.”

I hope they get this bug sorted and fast!


Yeah, I use my Facebook profile. I receive exactly the same messages and I was super freaked out because I was logged out from every device. I really hope they fix it fast.


It doesn’t seem to be an issue for those who sign in using their email address… because no one else is talking about it. Hence why I thought that I was the only one having this problem!

So I’m just assuming that 90% of users haven’t got the portal linked to their facebook accounts.

I’m starting to regret not using my email address to begin with. :expressionless:


Also, have you submitted a ticket to Episode… along with screenshot attachments?! I have, so I suggest you do too.

The more of us that report it, the faster they’ll be made aware of the issue and hopefully they’ll work quickly to resolve it!


I have submitted a ticket and I really hope I will get a faster answer, because this timing is super bad for me (I am about to open the payments and I really need to make an update)…

I am also super frustrated that my account is connected to my Facebook and not my email. The worst is that I cannot change that, as Episode has kinda old policy and changes emails only as a last solution (and if the account belongs to a big author) :confused:

Believe me, it’s really bad timing for me too. :weary:

If they cannot fix the issue that we’re having, then they’ll have no choice but to allow us to connect via email instead. I doubt we’re the only two having this issue, but facebook definitely seems to be the least popular option for portal sign in’s.

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Ah thank god I am not alone… I was going insane trying to login my portal… I thought there’s something wrong with my fb or episode


Please tell me that you also reported it, too?! :pleading_face: Because Episode cannot claim that this is an issue on our end, if all of us who usually sign in with Facebook are going through the same thing.

I’ve been having this problem as well, and I must say that you might want to submit a support ticket.

I’m having the same problem. I submitted a ticket but I haven’t heard anything yet. From what I’ve read online, it looks like it’s something episode needs to do on their end. :confounded:

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That’s right… according to Facebook, Episode needs to take the app out of Development mode. Facebook claims that apps expire sometimes and need to be reactivated again by the creators. And due to how slow everything has been with Episode over these past few weeks, it seems like they’ve forgotten to keep on top of it.

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@author_blue_moon @ChristineHZ @Whatever1 @JesiLoveSong I think they’ve fixed it. It finally let me back in!

I still might request a change to how I login, though.
I think I’d prefer to use email, rather than Facebook… just to prevent this from ever happening again.


Mine is back too :heartpulse:


Mine is back too!

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I’m having problems logging in on the app on an iPhone, is there an issue with Facebook?

We had the issue for the entire day yesterday… but for most of us it’s working again now. So I’d submit a support ticket.

I’ve just sent a ticket so hopefully it works for me soon

Mine is working as well. Thank you for the update! :slight_smile: