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  • Title and a brief summary of your story
    I want a splash, title is we will meet again
    If you want summary, pm me
  • How Many Characters On Cover (1 or 2) and if more than one, their relationship to each other (lovers or friends?) and their genders (*male or *female?)
    1 only
  • Attach a screenshot/image of your character and list the features you want. Please use the Episode LL character for sanity’s sake (skin tone, hair, eyes, etc). Remember this will be hand-drawn cover artwork (no edits or Franken-art) so you’re free to use INK, LL or Legacy characters for your actual story. This is just to help me get a clear idea of what you want your character to look like.
  • Describe Your Character(s) personality in 3 words.
    Tomboy, humourous and bibliophile
  • Describe Your Character(s) Fashion Style or Include a link to a fashion blogger’s style you like. If no link/description is given, I’m gonna wing it. insert Alladin “do you trust me” gif


Camila and her twin brother, Mateo have runaway from their home after traumatic experiences with their abusive father. They find themselves in Miami and Camila is finding it hard to forget what has happened in the past, when one night she finds herself at a club, tangled with a mysteroious, hot guy. This man is full of many secrets but what if it is too late for Camila and the trigger is pulled…

How many characters and genders: 2, one female and one male
Relationship between characters: lovers
Characters appearance:


Skin: light
Brow: defined natural
Hair/Colour: Beach Wave (Auburn)
Eyes/Colour: Round Bold (Green)
Face shape: soft heart
Nose: Elven
Lips/Colour: full round (orange crush)

sassy, charismatic, extroverted

she wears pretty relaxed, chill clothing but shes not afraid to wear something very daring and badass!


Skin: honey
Brow: thin arch
Hair/Colour: boy bun (black)
Eyes/Colour: deepest piercing (black)
Face shape: defined triangle
Nose: button
Lips/Colour: smirk (terracotta)
**tattoo on his arm

Mysterious, cocky, funny

mostly wears black clothing and is very swaggy.

(If I am able to, I a going to suggest a pose… you don’t have to use this!)

I would love for the man to have him standing behind the girl, with his arms around her and looking down at her with some sort of rope in his hands… and for the girl to be looking up at him, trying to hide a gun from him.

**This photo is just for reference, without the blanket around them…

just something dark and mysterious will do…

bunny :rabbit:

Hello there! I am starting to write my first story and I need a cover. It is named FAKE LIES and it’s in the limelight form. It’s about a British private investigator going to US and start to investigate a case she shouldn’t have dug. It contains thriller and mystery, so I want the cover to include some of these and darkness. It should just be her on the cover.

Hair: Chestnut Brown, Over Shoulder Braid
Skin Color: Neutral 1
Eyes: Female Generic, Emerald Green
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Round Pouty
Face Shape: Diamond Contour

Oh, and by the way I want her green eyes pop. So you can make the rest of the cover a bit faded to pop them out.

And finally, :rabbit: Is this okay?

Welcome to the community!!:partying_face::partying_face:

Hi, I would like to request some art but I was wondering if you could make me one small and one big cover plus maybe even 2-3 splashes?
And also, I’m not really sure how I want them to look so if you would be willing to discuss ideas etc. with me?
Thank you! :rabbit:

Hey all! I am so grateful and happy that the spots filled up so quickly; thank you soooo much! I’ve updated the original post with everyone’s slot in order of request. If you’re not listed, no worries: As soon as the first five are complete, they’ll be filled again in order of who’s next.

To address a few questions in the thread so far:

@JadeEpisode , yes pose suggestion is actually v helpful! I’m actually going to add it to the request form, so thank you!

@Mia_writes , No. sorry. It’s either a Splash or a Cover. Cover requests come with both large and small versions.

Thanks for the welcome @BerryGoodGem554 , I can’t wait to get to know everyone!


All right! In that case I would like to request a cover. :blush:

No problem at all, and thankyou for accepting my request! When you get up to my cover (no rush at all!), if you have any questions my IG is jades_episode

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As i will be leaving the forum tomorrow, I would like the artists who are working for my splashes, banners, art scenes, pfps etc, to mail the artworks to me privately
Or you can dm me on insta
I will not forget to give credit
If you made my art and gave it to me already, ignore

COVER COMPLETED FOR @EdwardNorton ! Thank you so much for allowing me to work on your cover! I had a lot of fun and can’t wait to read your story!



Can I get a large and small cover?

Title of Story

Brief Summary About Story
It’s about a school where fairytale characters legacies pass onto their kids and they will have to follow in their footsteps. However, some are rebelling against being forced to do so.

Character Amount/Relationship/Gender
2 characters. They are both soon to be lovers, the story will play-through somewhat of their relationship developing. One Male and One Female.

Character(s) Personality in 3 words
Female - Witty, Condescending, and Fierce
Male - Quiet, Musical, Smart

Details - Female

Skin: Neutral 06
Eyebrows: Arched Thin + Black Dark
Hair: Brown Black + Layered Wavy Bob
Eyes: Female Generic + Violet
Face Shape: Diamond
Nose: Round Flared Downturned
Mouth: Full Flat Top Pouty + Rose Medium Nude Matte






Details - Male

Skin: Gold 07
Eyebrows: Male Generic + Black Dark
Hair: Brown Black + Dreads Loose Top Short
Eyes: Deepset Downturned + Brown Light
Face Shape: Triangle Chiseled
Nose: Round Flared Downturned
Mouth: Full Heart Natural + Brown Neutral






Can you make it look like this? Leonie will take the place of the girl and Pierre for the boy. Leonie is taller than Pierre so instead of making it seem like she’s on his back, she’s wrapping her arms around him from behind? And make them smirk and look at eachother in the process? Also, Leonie to have her hand with dark purple smoke near his chest?


A Magic forest similar to this? Or you could use any magical background, I’d be fine with it.

Extra Info
Leonie has a Triangle body shape. Meaning - Chest is medium sized, waist and thighs are thick.

If this is too much, you won’t need to do it. :slightly_smiling_face: If you do, thank you. Take the time you need, I’m in no rush. :joy: I appreciate it.

Not too much, it’s actually good- the more info, the better! I’ll tag you in the waitlist once the first round has been completed. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :v:t4:

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Holy shoot. Thank you so much!

This a freakin’ masterpeice.

@edwardnorton omg, you’re making me blush! Thank you so much and you’re welcome!

No, you deserve all of this. Your work is simply stunning.


Thank you :sob:


SPLASH FOR @MystikLunaa complete! Check your DM for full image. :slight_smile:

OMG this was SO fun to draw and color. I love the fact that she’s got an RBF but is a sweetheart!
Thank you again MystikLunaa for letting me draw your MC!


I would like a small cover and a big one.
My story’s name is Equals.
Style: Limelight
Genre: Drama
Plot: It’s about a world where no one has feelings and who does feel something will be send to prison or die.
They all wear white. No other color. I don’t have a preference for an outfit but it has to be white.

There is the MC who is a girl with light brown curly hair, hazel eyes and full heart pouty lips. She is smart and afraid to feel something because it could end not so well for her. And her love interest with red hair, blue green eyes and full heart lips. He is already sick that means he already feels emotions, when he is close to the MC he feels great but he has to hide his feelings.
I hope i said everything.
I’ll post also a picture of the characters so maybe it’s easier this way.

@raindrvps Here is your cover! Apologies again for how long it’s taking. I’m dealing with some IRL stuff right now! Check your DM for the non-watermarked versions (large and small).

(also, this one was pretty difficult for me since I’m not used to drawing these types of poses. I hope you still like it! )



I LOVE IT THANK CHUUUUU!!! :sob: :sob: :heart:
And its no worries I hope everythings better soon :heart: