Sis is in need of a co-writer needed!

Hey im looking to co write a romance story with someone!
if you want to co write with me, reply with instagram or snapchat (im more active on snap but either works) hope to hear from some of you guys soon :))


I could help, my instagram is jeannie_alove

messaged :slight_smile:

I don’t mind giving some extra ideas

my ig is epy_chels i really need a co author and would love to write a story with you!!

messaging you now!

Idk if it’s too late but I’d love to help!! My snap is @giavannaca

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Hey! I’m not sure if your still in need of a partner but here’s my insta.

PLEASE don’t hesitate to dm me! I don’t bite :wink:.

I would love to help you out. I am looking for someone as well. My Instagram is ashley_episode.

I can help

i can help, my instagram is tt_episode :woman_technologist:t4: