Sister, sister, mom Customization

So I know about daras dublicates and everything but I’m having an issue with it.

Can some one make a template where the mom sister and another sister looks a like?

I just dont want the moms face to change nor the little sisters face to change can someone help me make one?

If the MC is female to you can do:

MOM becomes MC

Then the mom look exactly the same as the MC

Yeah. But I don’t want them look exactly alilke. Like I Adair. Want to keep the moms face stay her original face same with the little sister.

Then use the command @EpisodeHoneyy told you and write afterwards:
@ MOM changes face into face shape
@ SISTER changes face into face shape

If the face shape is the only feature you want to keep

I’ll try it. But I was told not to use and becomes command for this kind of thing.

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the becomes command will mean all the colours match, then you just change the things you want to change with the code aykay said.

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I would need to copy and paste that into every chapter right?

no, if you use the changes and becomes commands it will be remembered throughout episodes.

I don’t think so

Perfect thanks.

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you’re welcome :))

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