Sitting actions (Limelight)


I’m currently experiencing a bug where, whenever I have a character sitting, their leg repeatedly swells at a slow pace and then suddenly reverts back to normal. It also happens when I preview my story in the app. Was curious if anyone else was having this issue because to my knowledge I have not seen anything posted about it.


Haven’t seen this issue around yet, but it sounds like a glitch. I’d go ahead and submit a help ticket to the support team, they’d be happy to help. :smiley:


I’m currently trying to submit a help ticket but am unsure what a Support ID is


Support ID is found in the app! Just go into Settings and scroll down the Support section. Should be in there. :smile:


great thanks!


You probably already got it, just thought I’d give the link for locating the Support ID on Episode:



It happens to me too. It’s kinda creepy actually. lol