Sitting and crying animation codes

does anyone know how I can code my script so that I can make my scene have my character crying while sitting in the wheel chair like above. in the picture above I edited 2 images but if I want to use the crying animation I can’t cut half the character off and simply adding half of the background as an overlay isn’t going to work as he still needs to be in the wheelchair

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Maybe you could just show only the top half. zoom into the character so that the character can be crying while standing up. But you might probably have to have him just sitting neutrally if you want to show the entire wheelchair…idk just my suggestion. :blush:

Hope this helped!

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Thank you I could give it a try but I need him to be crying while someone else is talking so id need them both on the screen

You could put that person next to him and zoom on the top half of him/her too. So that just their faces show when they are having a conversation…? Maybe…? :thinking:

Bump still haven’t been able to work out this issue and want to start my story again :crazy_face::joy:

When I’ve done similar things I’ve just made full waist down overlays, including the background, then lined up the character standing behind it.
It can be a bit of a faff but it works :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I’m crap at explaining but these are the kinda thing I use them for -