Sitting at a desk


Hi, I’m trying to get my characters to sit at a desk but she is not sitting behind the desk it self do I have to add the overlay desk as well? And also how do I add another character to the scene?


Letting readers take screenshots of the characters for instagram?

You need to add the overlay desk in front of her so it looks like she’s sitting behind her.


To add another character just do @CHARACTER enters from X to screen Y


It depends on the background you are using.
If it is a school table background, the desk overlay is automatically placed in the scene and the characters will place behind it.
If not, add the desk overlay.


INT. BACKGROUND - DAY with DESK at layer 2
@character enters from left to screen left
@character moves to layer -2

to add another character to the scene, simply

@character enters from right to screen right
@character moves to layer -2

I hope I have made this easier to understand.
I think I’ve understood you fully :wink:

Feel free to correct me if i have interpreted you wrong.

~ Ella