Sitting in a classroom

I want to know how to place characters in a classroom, without them being on top of the tables. I want them to be in a seat behind the tables, and that goes for the ones behind as well. I think this involves overlays too so can someone help me code it?

And I want to use this background.


You will need overlays. You will need a seperate overlay for each row of chairs and tables. The chair will be on the lowest layer, and the table will be on the highest layer - for each row.

Creating an overlay:
@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to X Y
@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to X Y
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity T
@overlay OVERLAYNAME to layer #

OVERLAYNAME - The name of your overlay.
X Y (shifts) - Positions on the X and Y axis.
X Y (scales) - Size, from the origin, on the X and Y axis.
T - The opacity. 0 is transparent. 1 is opaque.
layer # - Is the layer. The item in front will be on the highest layer.

Okay thank you so much! but do you know where i would find these overlays?

You would need to cut them out from the background using editing programs like Photoshop or GIMP.

okay tysm :blush: