Sitting on the Train... HELP!


Hi there! I am trying to get my main character to sit on the train, but I can’t figure out how to… not… make it look like she’s sitting on her seat’s arm. Help?


You’d have to make an overlay of the seat arm. I can make one for you if you’d like? Can you just send me the background?


Oh my gosh, you can!? You’re an all star, thank you so much!


No problem, love! :grin: Here is your overlay. Credit is not required since it’s pretty small, but if you want to then please credit my Instagram @donawriter :revolving_hearts:


Oh wow, thank you so much! I will definitely credit you at the end of the chapter! You were so helpful, I greatly apprecaite it. :grin:


Ok so when I read the title I immediately thought of the song/vine “Sitting On The Toilet” lmao


That’s so awesome, I’ll take it! :joy:


Sorry, I don’t know if this is a quick question or not, but how do I put this image as an overlay? Since it’s not an overlay I can search for.


You should be able to click on the image and a blue icon should be somewhere below the image. Click on that and it’ll download it to your computer/laptop.

If you don’t know how to upload overlays, go onto the episode website, click “Art Catalog,” click “Overlays,” select “Upload to YOUR account” in the drop down menu that is labelled “Overlays: Available for ALL stories.” There should be a blue button that says “Select Image” next to 1) Select Image From File. Select the downloaded overlay and then upload it. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thank you for helping, and for such clear instructions! :smile: