Sizing (Limelight)

So I know how you change the size of people (Limelight), but it won’t work. I’ll put it in there (ex. @AKIKTA spot 1.314 50 0) and the size is the same when I press preview.

Do you have a copy of your script? I’d make sure that there are no standing directions (@CHARACTER stands x) after you spot your character.

@TALA is flirt_wink_atcamera
@TALA exits right and AKIKTA enters from left to screen left and AKIKTA faces right
@AKIKTA spot 1.316 50 0
@AKIKTA is wave_extreme


&AKITA spot 1.316 -120 0
@TALA is flirt_wink_atcamera
&TALA exits right
@AKITA walks to spot 1.316 50 0
@AKITA is wave_extreme

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