Skate clothing and actions

Hey there! So I skate almost everyday and I wanted to have one of my characters skating and I realized there were no skateboarding actions or “skater” clothes (not talking about that one thrasher hoodie lol) but you know, beanies, flat soled shoes, cargo pants, caps, elijah berle type cholo shirts (if you watched kotr u know what im talking about) and all that jazz. Also, having a character carrying a skateboard and maybe doing some tricks could be pretty f*cking rad, am i right? I also thought about having a scene in a skateparks with some beginners, so some protections and helmets would be cool too, really, i think sometimes people don’t ask for some stuff because they didn’t realize they needed it. I’ll leave some reference pictures below!

Here are some pants

(And please add more colors than just khaki lol)

Thank u for reading this! Add more suggestions if you’d like <3



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Episode people pleaaaaaaaase.

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