Skilled Cover Artist Needed :)


Hello Everyone! I’m creating a story and I’m in need of a skilled cover artist to design a cover for me. The cover i have in mind is a bit tricky so i don’t know. Thankyou so much! I’ll give you the details once you reply


I can


The thic sisters can we have been doing covers for a 6 monts now


Hello! I can help, I have a splash and cover thread if you want to ask there


Or you can just reply to me here


Hey guys! Thank you so much for responding, means a lot! <3

Here is a information:

Title: The Dreamer
Author Name: Sudeeksha
Genre: Fantasy/Drama
Description: When Hazel finds out she has the unique gift of seeing the future in her dreams, she is delighted. Besides, what could be the harm…?
I kinda drew out the layout of how i’d like the covers to look.
Here’s the the picture:

Style It’s In: Like there is a bed in the middle with a girl sleeping in it, and like surrounding the bed there are like a bunch of green vines with leaves, and they’re kinda like reaching out to her. And like inside the vines, there’s the title. The blanket can be a light purplish and the background outside of the vines can be a very light green

Character Details with Outfit Details: The girl sleeping in the bed is light-skinned, and she has short, wavy, brown ombre hair. You won’t be able to see the pants because of the blanket but the shirt can be a normal short sleeved light blue shirt.


Ok Should be ready soon


Okay great! Thanks! :smiley:


@This-And-That do you have anything in mind with the drawing. Like hair type?


All start right now, though I’m not sure you’ll need it since other people are working on it as well


what about 1 do large the other do small


Oh oops, i’ve already got a small cover, i just need a large guys :frowning:

Also i wrote the details of the girl above but i just wanted to change that the girl actually has dyed hair…

A maroon color, and its ombre, darker at the top and lighter at the bottom-


Thanks will do


What color are her pajamas?


Well you can only see a short-sleeved shirt because of the blanket, and it’s like a… a light blue, a baby blue… something around that


Here’s it so far. So tell what you want


Heres what I have so far. Coloring and title will be done digitally


@This-And-That would you like me to color the blanket as well?


Tell me what I need to tweak. @This-And-That


Ack, wait… Which one of you are doing the cover? I’m a bit confused??