Skilled Cover Artist Needed :)


It seemed we both started on it and it’s up to you to choose good luck :slight_smile:


Well, can i kinda do the thing of which one I like best at the end? Because I don’t know, i don’t want to be taking too much of your time??

Only if you two are up for it?


Sure, I don’t mind. Once I give the request. I don’t mind what the customer does with it.


By the way I tweaked the cover I didn’t like it



Also, the protagonist of the story is actually going to college, and this design looks like a kid… well… um, is there any way you can change that

(Also i’d like to apologize both of you for being so picky!)


Sorry sure can do


Here’s the revamped version


Finished! If there’s anything you’d like me to fix or edit then feel free to ask.


Both of them look so good! Its hard to choose which one!

Acckkkk… i think i’ll go with @CD_Erugo



Wait, @CD_Erugo If I were to give you a picture of the character would you be able to add her in instead of a drawing of a girl?


I could try but it’ll have to wait a little.


No problem with me, i’m going to send the screen shot





wait oops…


Im with C.d The Thic Sister hood Offical request thread