Skilled writing partner needed!


Hello! would anyone like to become my writing partner?

we’ll both share an episode account and create hopefully many stories!

currently I just started on a story called “Devil’s Orders” where MC gets married to Hades, the greek god of death and is given a gift to put life and death in her own hands. Several people are after her for it

but I’d also like to enter something into the College Days contest! let me know if you’re interested!!

I’m going to take a shower so I apologize if I reply a little late


are you looking for people who can code ?? i cant code but i have a lot of great ideas
for story topics / plots and im great at making outfits especially for fantasy.

if your interested in what i have to offer feel free to contact me on ig ~ nxilson


I’d love to help you out.
I’m great at the coding and coming up with things <3 just message me on my IG luna.moon.episode.wattpad


can’t find you o.o


if its still okay, I can help ! I know how to code. Not advanced, but I’m decent in coding :slight_smile:


._. did you find me? my PFP is an halloween edit


is it okay if you tell me yours , Is this story going to be LL or ink


hopefully LL

my insta is gacha.raini