Skin care routine

Hey, I rly need something to do about my acne. Does anyone have a good routine that they know works?
Thanks :kissing_heart:


Everyone’s skin is different. So what may work for someone else may not work for you. Keep that in mind. I would suggest making an appointment with a dermatologist, since they can prescribe you medications to treat the kind of acne you have and give you a better understanding of your skin.

If not, I would go simple. CeraVe, Cetaphil and Vanicream are good gentle brands. You can also incorporate differin gel. I heard its good for acne. If you do use it, I would recommend watching Dr. Dray on YouTube on how to correctly use it.

Keep it simple to start out since you don’t know what works for your skin. Then slowly incorporate a retinoid (ex. Differin gel) and other products to your skin care routine.

If you want to know mine, I use Clinique 3 step (cleanser, toner and moisturizer) for combo skin. I also incorporate tea tree oil twice a week at night, a clay mask once a week and SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY! It seems to be working for my acne…

Hope this helped!


What’s your skin type? Try products from the Ordinary line with salicylic acid and exfoliate.

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I’ve struggled with acne from 14-18, but the main reason why I stopped breaking out was because I quit drinking milk. Milk was something I often drank a lot and because I quit drinking it, I managed to stop my breakouts and my skin now looks even healthier than before. I also use Biacna which is a prescription cream and it works really well too. So Idk if you drink or eat dairy products often, but I believe quitting those types of foods/drinks will definitely help.


Check out Cureology ! That specifically targets people with acne and struggles with annoying zits.

Also, there’s this Youtuber “Skincare by Hyram” who is a specialist with skincare. He reacts to people’s skincare, recommends products for specific people with light or darker skin tones, ingredients, best prices, cheap products that do the job, and test it on his own. In fact he has his own line coming out in about 2-3 weeks which his fan base is excited about which is a huge deal. I myself am looking forward to it since I have my struggles. I do highly, highly recommend checking him out, you feel very educated afterwards :joy::sparkles: Good luck! :heart:


That’s what I noticed for my skin as well. Cheese was something I ate a lot and I’ve noticed the breakouts happening more then. I haven’t really cut out cheese but I don’t eat it as much, probably a couple times a month. If I wanted to eat/drink dairy products, I usually go vegan.

There are tons of other factors as to why you have acne. Skin care can help so much. I would suggest looking at your lifestyle as well.

I’m in my mid 20s and I still struggle with acne, not as much as I did several years ago. It’s not something that can be cured, just prevented :slight_smile:

Yeah, I just saw this today, I’ll probably check them out :blush:

Think about your healthy skin normal as comprising of three principle steps: Cleansing Washing your face. Conditioning Balancing the skin. Saturating Hydrating and mellowing the skin.

I have acne too sis. This product rly helped me out with my red spots: