Skin color names


I don’t normally ask for help :sweat_smile: but in the episode interactive they changed the name of the skin tone and when I saved my episode with a CC template it said something like “The skin tone “Fair Neutral” does not exist” and I was wondering is there any CC template with the new skin tone name, if there is please let me know!



Yes, I heard about this, too. I heard from another awesome user that the template should work as long as you don’t re-save the Episode because of the update-I believe you can check out these links:

and the main one:

Honestly, I’m scared to even test my Limelight story :frowning:


Yes I heard of them but I didn’t re-save a published episode, I was still working on the episode but now it just gives me warnings, I have 4 CC template in the same episode. Oh well :man_shrugging:I guess I fix it myself then
@Jeremy or @Sydney_H can you please close this thread I got the help I need XD


Episode created script templates for limelight. Or you can use my templates which I’ve updated with the new names.


Okay thanks!!! I will make sure to give you credits in my story :blush:

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