Skip Button Hell Please

Can anyone tell me how to make a skip option in my story? I’m a little confused on how to do it.


you can also do this w/ tappable overlays if you have a start menu but I’m assuming you would’ve specified if that was the case :)) also you might want to add a “are you sure” in after they choose yes. in case people accidentally tap skip.
Would you like to skip this episode?
“Yes” {
goto end_episode
goto start_episode
label start_episode
#the episode goes here
label end_episode

omg this has helped me too!! thank you

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I’m a little bit confused on the label start part

And when I do it it’s saying the goto is wrong

here’s what it’d look like in a script

if you copied and pasted what I put earlier, you have to change the " quotation marks

For some reason it keeps saying that “the label does not exist”.

You’ve used a hashtag before the labels, hashtags comment out the coding. Try removing the hashtag (#), see if that works.

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Hi there, if you want to add an “are you sure?” for extra measure because sometimes readers might accidently skip the episode when they don’t mean to, you can check out:

yeah, that’s how you fix it ^

Thank you all of that helped me thank you so much.

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