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Hi lovely people, do any of you happen to have a template to skip the episode? I’m trying to add it on episode 1 but i can’t do it! :white_heart:

I’ve done it before and I think this is how you do it!!

  1. You put in you choice to skip at the beginning on the chapter.

  2. one choice will say “no I don’t want to skip” when the reader clicks on the choice it will take them to the story

  3. then the second choice will say “yes I want to skip” and in the bracket use the command ‘goto Finish’

  4. right at the very end (or where you want to put it) use the command ‘label Finish’ and it should do it

Sorry this is not a template. I don’t really know how to do them.

Hope this helps.

you can do something like:
Have you already read this chapter?
“No, I would like to read this chapter” {
goto continue_chapter
} “Yes, I want to skip this chapter.” {
goto end_chapter
label continue_chapter
(continue story here)

and then at the end of the chapter you can put:

label end_chapter
(end the chapter here)

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thank you

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Thank you so much!!!

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