Skip-The-Wait Available to All Authors

Hello Episode Authors!

Over the past few months, our team has continued to partner with community authors to test new features that can help authors ultimately to have more opportunities to tell stories on Episode full-time.

One of the options we recently tested is Skip-the-Wait. This feature allows authors to pace their readers through the episodes they’ve already published. Authors can insert a short break between episodes (the wait time will vary according to the # of episodes between breaks), and release their stories in batches to readers.

This new feature will soon be an option available to all creators for use on any Episode. As always, using any gem feature is entirely optional to being an author on Episode and is completely at the discretion of the authors themselves. Skip-The-Wait can help authors get support from readers on older stories, without changing the content in the process.

If you’ve unlocked the Story Metrics Dashboard in your story, you’ll be able to test and track the impact of using Skip-the-Wait to determine what works best for your story and your readers.

How to use Skip-The-Wait on your Episodes:

When you click “Publish Episodes” you’ll now see the option to add Skip-The-Wait to Episode 4 and onwards in your stories, as seen below.

How to select it for your stories:

Setting the Skip-The-Wait option will add a short wait time between your episodes at the

frequency listed. Each frequency sets a different wait time and number of gems to skip the wait. Readers will see an option at the beginning of the Skip-The-Wait episode to use gems to read the Skip-The-Wait episode pass and ad-free, or wait the duration of time for it to release.

Skip-The-Wait can be turned off anytime.

Once you’ve selected Skip-The-Wait for certain episodes of your story, when readers approach these episodes, they’ll instead see this screen. Readers can choose to read ahead by using gems, or wait for the episodes to release.

Important things to note about Skip-The-Wait:

  • Like Early Access, Skip-The-Wait only applies starting with the beginning of episode 4.
  • Early Access and Skip-the-Wait can both be enabled for your story. If a newly published episode is eligible to be both an Early Access episode and a Skip-the-Wait episode, it will first appear as an Early Access episode. At the end of the Early Access window, it will automatically transition to being a Skip-the-Wait episode.
  • Once turned on for an episode, Skip-The-Wait can be turned off at any time.
  • Skip-The-Wait counts towards the number of gems used by players in a story per read. It also counts towards gem reads if you have yet to unlock Writer Payments. If you are in the Writer Payments program gems used on Skip-the-Wait will contribute to your Gem Bonus Payment.

As always, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions. If you have any issues with this update, please reach out to our support team.

– The Episode Team


Yeah i wont be using this, it kinda suck honestly, we only have 4 passes imagine to have to wait eleven hours to read a chapter on a completed story, no Thanks this suck


I honestly don’t see the point of this feature in particular.


I don’t see the point of this feature and the fact it costs gems is tiresome. Not everyone has the money for passes and gems.


I don’t understand why authors are able to add this feature to old stories? Those are free stories that others read ages ago for FREE without waiting in between chapters (unless they’re waiting for more tickets). Its unfair to add waits to old stories since it’s off putting to readers, its irritating and it’s not fair on people who should have got it for free but now have to pay (:


real talk, who is asking or suggesting these features? if gem choices weren’t impossible to earn, then maybe this feature could be beneficial. you all give use everything except making gem choices easier to earn. those daily gems isn’t enough to support authors. not to mention, earning passes isn’t that easy either.


This…is pointless. :confused: How about adding more ways to earn gems, as a reader, than we’ll talk. :sneezing_face:


This feature is a terrible idea. I would never ever use this for my stories because I want readers to be to binge read for free instead of paying.


Worst feature ever. Early access is already bad enough, skip the wait is even worse. It cancels out the entire reason we wanted unlimited passes back: to binge read. How are we supposed to binge read and support our favorite authors if there are waits every 2 episodes? It’s incredibly irritating, and a feature I think shouldn’t exist. I get that it supports authors, but it’s being done in the worst way possible.


I read a few stories where authors made the reader have to wait like hours or days even, to allow us to read the next batch of chapters without paying (basically free access for all).
this new update kinda sucks, because not all of us have a lot of gems and it would seem unfair to have to pay to see the next few. even the COMPLETED stories have this option. :neutral_face: :raised_hand:


… Let us take a moment of silence for binge reading. I’ll go sit with my fellow broke AF peasants.
:hand: :pensive:


Plus the increasing pressure to add ways to increase rank, payments, potential to get into the program etc.


There are a lot of amazing completed stories without these gem options. I’m hoping maybe these will finally get the reads they deserve?


I really hope so, too. :hearts:

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It wouldn’t be too bad to add gems to community stories, if you could at least earn gems reading them.
Than again I suppose that would potentially take away from people reading episode originals if they could earn gems reading community stories. Idkr I haven’t read an Episode original in years.


I agree, the current system of earning gems just isn’t enough when you compare it to the gem costs. But I’m referring to gems becoming such an integral part of contributing to our ranks, potential to get into payments, bonus payments etc as such that it has become a pressure for many authors (not all) to add whatever gem features become available in the hopes of their story performing better. Those who don’t add are likely to be left behind.


I could understand this if you could just add one skip a wait at the beginning of a new season, but this? Uh uh. To be honest, people just want unlimited passes back, I don’t know why we’re doing all this… cause who’s asking for it?


As far as I know, Early Access also cannot be taken off once it’s been applied to episodes and published with. :thinking:


At least the wait isn’t as long as I was expecting. 12 hours/6 Episodes is better than 3 days/3 episodes :sob:. But Idk why anyone would put the wait after every chapter tho, that sounds v excessive to me lol


kinda a money grab but it’s certainly interesting!