Skip-The-Wait Available to All Authors

The worst idea ever…. If you wanted to make it “public” at least think about those who decided to pay for VIP subscription since with “unlimited passes and no ads” we shouldn’t even see skip-the-wait option but you disappointed us even with that 🥲

Congratulations on pushing more readers and writers to leave this community because of your idiotic business decision.

As someone with degree in management I can tell you one thing… listen to the crowd from time to time if you really want to improve something and still make money out of it :kissing_heart:




It’s getting to the point where the early acesss its getting it to be to much. I don’t mind Early Acesss at all. But where early acess for every single 3 episodes it’s a bit too much even if the story is completed.


That’s what I was thinking like I don’t mind the feature itself it just the amount the feature is being used. Like some stories are every episode early access and it’s like, i don’t want to wait a week to access my a good read, but it’s becoming slowly but quickly more popular.


Yeah there were surveys you can earn gems which is what i did. But if the story is completed and there is early acesss its kind of a bit of a turn off.


I wish money wasn’t a big thing in society. I don’t get this social construct at all.


I think that too, like there was a time when people didn’t have to pay for things they just did fair trade or found it themselves. Now it’s basically illegal to trade for a item or go hunting/ find it. It’s funny how in maybe 200-300 years things can change so quick. (Like 5 generations)


Okay so this was tolerable for a while but wtf? Some stories are now having 3 hour waits for 2 episodes! This is maddening and I would say early access is ridiculous enough without this being added in :confused:


I’d just like to add onto this thread, and onto my previous reply to this here that I posted on my Instagram story and saw earlier as well:

And about 11 hours later...

The price remains the same for a minute left.

I feel as though Episode is stealing my money at this point. Was it not enough for me to pay for Episode VIP which, on its own, is already a lot per month?


I think this is the most ridiculous update. It makes the VIP monthly subscription absolutely pointless because the whole reason people buy it, is for the unlimited passes, and now you can’t read more than 6 episodes at once. With every update they ruin the app and make it even more difficult to read stories - what is the point in me having this app now that I need to wait 11 hours every 6 chapters ?

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  2. Yeah it makes other features useless because it’s becoming way more popular like I understand wanting high ranks so people read your story or make money. But people can’t literally read your story, I don’t mind having a paced reading thing but where it’s hours-weeks waiting for 1 chapter, that’s not paced reading that’s not reading at all and if people aren’t reading then both the author and episode will be losing money/ time in the long run. I keep saying this but there were so many more creative options to add authors the ability to add gem choices. And if they chose creative options that the community recommends or benefits readers then they would get much more support and reads because it’s things people would enjoy.

and people really wonder why i made the decision to quit episode :woman_facepalming: smh this is ridiculous. what a money grab


Exactly, there’s a reason nobody plays the episode stories and that’s because to actually enjoy them you need gems, which cost money. I’ve always preferred reading community stories because they’re better and you can enjoy them a lot more without spending money. Personally, gem choices and having this cap on how many chapters you can read at once is ruining the enjoyment of this app. I really loved the unlimited passes for £9.99 because it was a great option to binge stories you loved. The app only cares about money, which is ridiculous considering the app is aimed towards teens. I have now deleted it and won’t be re-downloading until things get changed.


Good for you! That was congratulating not being rude
And personally, to all the famous authors who do not fill their older stories with this crap, I love you


I agree, all the authors who didn’t add these features are amzing.


It’s ok to want money, but they keep making it in a away where it’s pay, wait or leave the app. When it should be pay, enjoy and support the app. The difference is you should be paying from enjoyment not a corner you get backed into. This is something companies, not only episode, need to look into when developing feature. Target your audiences enjoyment and not into cornering them for it, because many people will take that leave option so quick.


I agree and appreciate that Episode need to make money, however, doing this through making people frustrated and as you said backing people into a corner is totally wrong. I thought the unlimited passes for £9.99 was a great deal and I have purchased it a few times in the past. Now, I’m totally reluctant to spend a penny on this app because they have technically made it the only option to actually fully enjoy it. I love all the authors that haven’t added this feature to your stories!


so I dont have dollers. but 20 gems cost 17 kr, you can get 6 passes for same price.

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I am not a fan of this feature, but I must clap for your marketing team!
You guys are really trying to maximize profits.
WOW WOW WOW but this feature is sh*t!