Skipping a chapter with choices in

If I have written a chapter with choices in and make amendments to it. Do I have to ask the reader to re read it or can I put a skip option at the beginning?

Will they lose their character points from that chapter if they skip the chapter?

thanks so much

Either or. If the points matter a lot, I would tell the readers before allowing them to skip the chapter. They will lose their points for that episode if they decide to skip. However, I noticed some others will ask us to select a choice that is pivotal to the plot, then take us to end once selected.

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Thank you so much - i mean its like 2 character points so I will figure it out. But thanks for your advice.

You can make a choice to skip the chapter, In that label, make a choice for those who selected skip chapter to gain those two character points. That way it won’t affect them in the next chapter.

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