Skipping Animations

Ok so I have noticed a lot of authors skipping the animations like shush, flirt_fingersnap and scream. The char doesn’t do the actual action it just skips to the face afterwards, like the character is visible for the whole time and it just completely skips? Can someone help me with this and tell me what everyone is doing?

You zoom on the other character
In the same time you use the animation on the second character ( the second character does the animation but you can’t see him on screen) you zoom on him or clear the zoom and the animation is already done so you find the face impression you want

I think they’re duplicate characters of that one character that is doing the face expression. So the duplicate charter performed flirt_fingersnap off screen then instantly switches places with the character on screen. It looks like the face changes instantly.

Indeed, this is how that effect is pulled off.

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You’ll have to start the scene with something like this:

&CHARACTER spot 1.28 80 0 THEN CHARACTER facee right AND CHARACTER starts idle
&CHARACTER moves to layer 1
&DUPLICATE spot 1.28 160 0 in zone 2 THEN DUPLICATE faces right AND DUPLICATE starts flirt_fingersnap
&DUPLICATE moves to layer 1

And when you want the character to react, you just do this:

&CHARACTER spot 1.28 500 0
@DUPLICATE spot 1.28 80 0 THEN DUPLICATE faces right

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