Skipping to the end of an animation

hiii :))

so i was wondering if it was possible to skip to the end of an animation. for example, this ink shush animation. like i want to skip to the end of it?

im sorry if you dont know what i mean… but im wondering if you can do it?

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You can’t skip to the end of an animation sadly, but you can try to zoom somewhere/someone else, then zoom back to them

Hi, yes it’s possible… @erin.gieser.episode

@CHARACTER starts laugh_chuckle THEN pause for 0.5

But specific timing for specific animation, you have to play with the time untill it gets fit according to you.

You can! Kinda. The only other way I’ve seen it done is with a duplicate character. Place the duplicate off-screen, have that character do the animation, then switch the duplicate with your actual character.

@duplicate becomes CHAR

This will make your duplicate look exactly like your character.

@duplicate is ANIMATION

Insert a zoom or have another character talking. You’ll have to mess around with the code so it looks how you want it to. Then:

@remove CHAR
@duplicate spot x y z

It depends on your scene and how it all plays out, but I’d suggest using &duplicate spot x y z instead of @ to make it look smoother.

Let me know if you need help!

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